When a man loves a woman July 22, 2011

I’m full of thanks to God. My marriage has many times been on the rocks but the grace kept us and saw us through. This is a beginning (fresh) for my marriage. My wife will for sure have the best man in the world.

All the teachings were piercing my soul and felt like something just got operated out of my heart. I’m felling so light and ready to go it through with renewed vigor and happiness. I’m ready to add value to my queen every day I live. I’m 100% willing to take care of my Father’s daughter without hurting or wounding her.

I’m ready to walk the road of intimacy with my babie all through. She is all I need in this life. I want to show her the love that Christ has shown me. I’m ready to give my all to her. Thank you for giving my marriage a healing season. I feel so light after renewing my marriage vows. Once again, thank you. (Delegate)

May God bless Mama Jewell Matheny with many more years of joy and peace and good health. May she blow 101 candles. We love her! (Delegate)
The welcome we received on Monday was very unique. That has never been seen all over the world. I think that is how we will be received in heaven. Long live CMM! (Delegate)

I was in the June conference and got few tips that challenged me and from there started desiring that my wife was alongside me. When I left for home, wasn’t sure whether my wife will agree to come but prayed about it. She agreed.

We had not money (the 3,000/=). Our church is in a village, no shops or recognized market but in the midst of villagers. So I was believing God to attend couples conference not having even any money. I jumped up and down when I received a call from CMM that I was given full scholarship. God bless you Big.

I and my wife had a lot of cultural and traditions governing our marriage and lived in conflicts for 15 years though preaching. We were blessed to know that we have God’s Word to follow and obey and not a must to follow our parent’s styles and teaching. (Delegate)

It has been a moment of renewal, refreshment and restoration! My wife and I came to this conference totally torn apart and disconnected from each other. Our broad smiles hid our inner wounds and bleeding out of the hurts that for so long hindered us from having an intimate relationship.

Several times we had differed to the extent of being separated. But Praise God! Every session has had one or two things to uproot from our unsatisfying and unfulfilling relationship. The Word preached exposed my ignorance on the fact that I have not been appreciative of my wife as a gift from God.

Now, I know for sure that God created both of us and blessed both of us. I know that for my ministry to be a blessing to others, I must allow my wife to walk and work beside me! I have learned to respect and cherish my wife and to value her. I have been blessed to know that I must balance ministry and family and that my family should take priority.

These are messages that one would want to hear and hear again! They’ll certainly ring in my mind throughout my life! (Delegate)

The conference has made many marriages which were at a standstill or headed to the rocks to take an about turn. The conference has healed most of the marriages which were represented here.

This conference is an eye opener for married couples in Kenya, East Africa and even the whole of the African continent. (Delegate)

Personally it was truly a God given opportunity. Since I had reached a place where I was willing and planning to desert and get out of my marriage. I was totally exhausted, burnt out and was planning to dissolve it.

I was angry and unforgiving to my wife. But after this conference, I decided to marry her once again and renew my commitment to her and to God. Thank you for saving my marriage. God bless you all. PS…Not only you saved my marriage and my family, but also my soul. (Delegate)

I have learned that the home and marriage is the first church, because church begins at home.(Delegate)

I must confess I have really been changed in as much as I came in with a stinking attitude on why we are not sleeping together (having our own rooms)at the conference as husbands and wives. Because of my poor attitude, I missed so much of the first day because my mind was a photocopy of the book of lamentations.

As I write this, I have learned so much and God forgive me for my attitude at first. I also go to learn how I’ll organize for a conference. Debbie Matheny blessed me so much. She hardly spoke a word and yet she was in charge of a lot.

That just taught me even as a 1st Lady you don’t have to be all over the place asserting your presence or authority. You can always do so much at the back scenes as long as you are operating in your area, the area that God has placed you. She taught me that she was not in competition with anyone or with herself.

She was comfortable and that really did minister to me. Ronnie, thank you for the sex talk. You are very funny. My husband and I thought you were great and we were empowered. God bless you all. (Delegate)

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”, Abraham Maslow once said.

This is how we used to treat our marriage as a couple. This week all the nuggets of marriage have been put into our marriage and we are ready for them to be implemented for the next few months before we also begin to teach others. (Delegate)

Whatever you have done, only God is able to pay you back. You have given hope to many families. (Delegate)

I want to say that not only the marriages represented at this conference were helped but hundreds and thousands of marriages in our congregations have also been helped a great deal.

Personally I intend to hold a series of seminars in the church, do marriage conferences for our denomination and other organizations where I am invited. The materials will greatly help me do this. (Delegate)

Thanks to God for CMM. I can say it’s a gift from heaven, not USA. I can describe this like manna which falls from heaven. Since I cannot speak about everything I learned, I wish this seminar can be done once a month so that we may learn more. (Delegate)
Your nice gifts cannot go unmentioned. I really appreciated and I asked God to give me a heart of giving. (Delegate)

From the first day of the conference, it has been a continuous flow of blessings from every speaker who took to the pulpit. I was very anxious for this conference because so much had been damaged in my marriage. I was a man full of pride.

I could not give space to my wife and I did not know the way I could increase her value. This caused us to fight all the time but I had my personal justification that I was always right. I had not attended any other couples conference.

This conference has become an eye opener to so many things I used to disregard. I did not know that they could make such impact in transforming my marriage and bringing an end to every day conflict. I have now decided to honor my wife more than before.

Communication used to be our greatest hindrance to our marriage, but I listened to Dr. Budd as he spoke to us during the men’s workshop. He said, “People love to be heard rather than to hear.” I used not to speak to my wife whenever she hurt me.

She too could keep silent and this could even go for a month. This affected our children dearly even their performance in school. I thank God because this area is completely healed. In conclusion, all the teachings have found the right place in my heart and I can now testify that my marriage is no longer the same again. We need more of this oftenly. Bravo CMM! (Delegate)

We may give you one million USA dollars but we still could not have paid you enough. May God pay you according to his great riches in Christ Jesus. (Delegate)
I believe our marriage life will be very much changed. This will make the congregation we have in the church to change by copying us as a live example. (Delegate)
When I came to this meeting on Monday, July 11th, I had a bacterial infection on my lower lip of my mouth which had a boil and painful. On the arrival and at the beginning when the chairman of CMM, Mr. Matheny, opened the meeting and prayed over diseases and sickness, all of that pain from the boil stopped. The boil also on the lower part of my lip dried up.(Delegate)

Since we arrived here with my wife, we will not be the same again. We feel having got the right medicine for our marriage problems which stood for the last 20 years. May God bless all the speakers because He had already prepared them to come and help us get everlasting solutions for our marriage problems.

I would also like to thank CMM who gave us the scholarship. We knew about the conference but we were unable to raise the 3,000/= for two of us. God bless CMM and God bless everyone. (Delegate)

Mrs. D. Ronnie….thank you for the excellent administration and good food. May God bless you. I shall include you in my list of evening prayers. (Delegate)
I also discovered that the worst enemy to my marriage is the assumption that every problem I have been facing in our marriage is caused by my wife. As a man, being the head, everything rises and falls on leadership; hence it’s my duty to provide leadership. May the Lord bless all of you who contributed financially and even spiritually. Your support has changed a family in Kenya. (Delegate)
The teaching on repentance, knowing your wife, balancing family and ministry, methods of the devil’s attack…it has been like a supermarket in heaven. My wife got me a Bible in 2006 which was torn. I got a free Bible, God’s plan. I love you CMM. (Delegate)

According to the teachings in every area, I have gone a step forward. After I have heard the teachings my body has been revived and now I feel like what I was in my first month of marriage.

Surely this place is an altar where God is lifting and changing the lives of everybody. God bless you for offering me and my husband a free offer for this conference. We are very much grateful. (Delegate)

First of all I would like to thank God as I have never been in such an organization like this or extra committed servants of God. Secondly, I am never the same again since my marriage was in ICU…intensive care unit…but now I am well taught and renewed and I am also blessed. I will come again and bring others. God bless you. (Delegate)

You gave me the opportunity to be in and use the bride chamber (honeymoon suite) on Tuesday. I have never felt the acceptance and the love I felt in that place. I saw the beauty and felt a love for my wife more than I have ever have since we got married.

The bride chamber experience opened my heart to see the great love God has for me and my wife and family. The experience has given me a new and better beginning for my marriage and ministry. (Delegate)

When I came to the conference my marriage was very, very sick. I knew I can’t take it anymore. My husband and I we were not talking for about one month. I was very much hurt. So the first miracle appeared in the first day.

We have forgiven on another and now I am healed. So when we prayed with my husband and forgave each other, the next day God gave our son a job that we have been praying for. (Delegate)

I have been struggling so much with the sexual life with my wife, but right now I thank Pastor Ronnie and the brothers from Living Word Church for touching deeper things that I had never been told when I wanted to get married. (Delegate)

This marriage conference is very wonderful to me. I have been ministered to in a very special way. It is my turning point in my marriage because for many years we have been having conflict, me and my husband.

But during this conference I have decided to forgive my husband of the past and I have also prayed to God to heal me from my past.

Thanks to God now we can talk. Before the conference it had been 4 months that we have not talked to each other.(Delegate)

Wow! It was really awesome! I lack words to express what God did in my life in the course of this week. I came to this marriage conference with so many wounds which I had just covered over with Elastoplasts.

These include disappointments, bitterness, unforgiveness and anger. (If you are reading these testimonies and have got to this point, if you will send me this code, Song of Solomon, I will bring you home some Kenya AAA coffee (first 5).

But through God’s servants who ministered, I confess that I was delivered and completely healed. I put off my past and now I am going home transformed and fully prepared to heal marriages that are going through difficulties. (Delegate)

I have been so blessed in this meeting so much. I cannot explain very well on this paper. I have been in so many conferences for married couples but what I have received here I cannot tell. I’m going home a blessed couple, changed couple.

God has healed my heart and he has healed my marriage. God bless everyone that ministered. I feel blessed, happy day. I feel to love my husband for so long.

We have lived 30 years without happiness but today we are starting a new life, new marriage, new love. God bless all you ministers of God. (Delegate)