What a Week End!

As many of you are aware, my mother, Jewell Matheny, is in a rehab/skilled nursing home battling West Nile Virus. Week before last I received a call asking permission from the nursing center to give  hospice a call as she had taken a big turn for the worse.

I went immediately to the center and could not believe that Mom was unresponsive, had laboured breathing and other signs that she may have just entered her final stage of life. I called all the siblings and gave them an update. Everyone decided to come and see her, including Don coming in from Africa.

By the end of the week, everyone was here. As everyone began to arrive, Mom perked up and for about 3 days she connected at times with us and was even her old self occasionally, never losing her sense of humor and her ability to praise God.

As things worked out, all the siblings were able to have some precious moments alone with Mom as well as having church with her on Sunday with 31 family members….grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. We rolled her into the chapel, put her at the front and various family members led in prayer, read Scripture, sang, gave a missions report of her life and 2 sons brought a short message.

We sang hymns as well of some of her special songs. It was like having her funeral with her there live. In fact, this is the way I prefer doing funerals from now on!

At the end of each of these special sessions, we gathered around Mom and each child laid one hand on top of the other siblings and then had Mom put her hands on top of the pile and bless us. We then did it with all her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

What an awesome moment each time. I cannot adequately describe these events except to say that we now have a better idea of what the Bible means when it talks of laying on of hands and passing down the blessing to the next generation.

Our family has been in many church services, events, meetings, ceremonies over the years, but this one will stand out on its own and unique to our family. It will never be duplicated like this and I know has left a mark on everyone involved.


On Monday, following that weekend, Mom began to digress and does not seem to know any of us at the moment. I believe God touched Mom and our family in a special way for a couple of days and we are all so grateful.

I don’t know how Mom’s journey will progress over the next few weeks but I know her spirit was super charged and to see her smile, sing along with us on the songs and bless her family will affect our journeys and we will never be the same.

I have included one of the songs that the children sang to Mom entitled, It’s Worth it All. May you feel the love, life, peace and blessing as you listen to it.