"We will not have lunch or dinner today"

Three weeks ago I sent out a request on FB asking many of you to help us give an” unexpected blessing” to the CMM staff here. You may have seen on FB yesterday a link that describes how difficult just living from day to day has become here due to inflation (19% since January) and thus high prices.

Knowing how this has been affecting many of our staff, I sent out a request and you responded. Your response was enough that we were able to bless each member with a bag of much needed food staples as well as…are you ready…ONE MONTH SALARY for each team member!!

They were shocked and so excited as you will see from the video (I recorded a few minutes as we gave them their blessing.)

About an hour after we finished, one of our executive staff members told me that our chef, Patrick told him after the meeting that his wife had just told him this morning that they were out of cooking gas and food and that there would be nothing for lunch nor dinner today.

Then he receives a bag full of groceries and another month’s salary!

God loves to give us unexpected blessings. I believe He looks for opportunities to do so. And by the way, since you provided such unexpected blessings to help so many, why don’t you look for an unexpected blessing that might be coming your way.

When it does, let me know.

Thanks so much for helping such wonderful brothers and sisters expanding the Kingdom along with you.

Ronnie and Debbie