We Got An Unexpected Blessing!!! 3-1-12

Many of you are aware that we are in need of another truck at CMM. We are keeping the truck we have running with duct tape and prayers, IF we can get it started. We have been putting another vehicle on our wish list the last couple of years.

Well PTL we now have another truck that came in a very unexpected way. A ministry in the States that has been doing some ministry here in Kenya had purchased a Land Rover Defender pickup to have ready to use to pull a trailer with a water rig that was sent over in a container.

Problems arose with the container and it has been tied up in customs for over 2 years. The ministry heard what we were doing and contacted us and to make a long story short, they gave us the truck!

A ministry here was keeping it in storage for them and so we had to contact them to find out about it. It has been in storage for the 2 years and the fees were quiet hefty for the storage as well as the repairs, insurance, inspection they had done on it.

While we were talking to them about it they waived the fees in lieu of us making a donation to their ministry. So when all was said and done we drove away with the truck for $2,000.00. After doing some regular maintenance, etc. (approx. $300.00) we have a tough truck with only 60,000 miles and worth several thousand dollars to use at CMM!

We did not have this in our budget but felt that this was a God-send and we should step out and get it. Would you pray about making a donation to help us replenish funds that we have “borrowed” from other projects. You can go online and make a donation or send it to Mission Barnabas.

You know how it works…if 23 supporters of MB gave $100.00, it’s done or 46 give $50.00 or one person gives $2300.00 and so forth. If you can help with any amount you will be part owner of a Land Rover (::)!

Praise God for unexpected blessings!