Water for thousands in a drought stricken area 06-20-12

Ok, this is how it should work. Last week we witnessed the water pouring out of a water well that had just been dug and the pump placed on it. This well was drilled in an area about 4-5 hours outside of Nairobi in Masaii country.

The surrounding community has several thousand people and they have no water near their community. They have to walk a good distance away and carry water to their homes.

Last year while we were on a medical and food outreach there, the people had no water to take the medicine we gave them. The place they walk to had run out of water so having no water they just chewed the meds.

Last Thursday when the team drove up to check how things were going, the drilling crew had just put on the last bolt. They started pumping and here comes the water. The people began to come from the village and bring their cans and jugs.

They started pumping so their cows could drink. They then killed a goat to feed our team…their way of showing how grateful they were. The celebration begins...THEY HAVE WATER!

What is a beautiful dynamic within this story is how this all came about.

CMM/MB has been working with Jesus Loves You Ministry (Don Babin) for the past three years. They have a ministry to the Masaii and we partner with them to reach the Masaii pastor. Last year, Emerson and Velda Rickstrew were “assigned” by Gateway Church to be a connection between us and them to help the ministry we are doing here.

While Emerson and Velda were here for a conference, they met Don Babin and went on a trip with them to Masaii land where Don and Michelle had built a church in a community called Doldol.

Emerson saw the need for water and went back to Gateway and sought funds. So between Gateway (the funding), Emerson (the liason), Mission Barnabas (the logistics team on the ground and funds administration) and Jesus Loves You Ministries (the church builder and community locater), a water well is now pumping water to the thirsty.

Now that is partnership and networking at it’s finest…all for the Kingdom and the Kingdom for all.

That’s what I’m talking about! 

This is another part of our vision for Mission Barnabas being fulfilled. We help connect resources and ministry of the American church with the needs and challenges of the African church.

When we see it in action it is a beautiful sight. Between the Summit and now the water well, I don’t know how much more “high” I can take but I’m ready for more.

Thanks so much for everyone that made this possible. I have attached a short video to show the well in action and the people’s response. The audio is not the best but the last picture is worth it all.

Ronnie and Debbie