Watch out Africa, here comes Kenya!

After the Presidential elections in 2007/2008 chaos erupted due to two parties having split the vote at nearly 50-50. There was not a good system in place to solve the dilemma and it led to several weeks of unrest, violence and many horrible atrocities. Over 1200 people were killed, over 600,000 displaced and business and life was totally disrupted. It left Kenya scarred and hurting with fear of the next election to come.

During the 2007 elections, the church was part of the problem. This time our mission was to help make sure the church was part of the solution and not the problem. Over the past 5 years we have had 2 leadership Summits and have preached unity and peace throughout. We have addressed how the church should respond and take the proper leadership role. We believe that God got the attention of the church throughout Kenya as this time prior to the elections there were prayer meetings happening everywhere; in churches, pastor’s meetings and gatherings. It seemed that the church laid down any differences and focused on one objective….the favor of God over Kenya during the elections regardless if your candidate won or not.
How fitting it was that we had our conference scheduled for the week that the Supreme Court was determining who won this election as once again the results were 50-50. How exciting to have nearly 600 leaders from East Africa assembled and praying and displaying unity at such a key moment.

On Saturday the whole nation came to a standstill to hear the verdict. Whichever way it went it could set off chaos. However I don’t believe that the timing was a coinendence. They made the announcement just before dark on a holiday when many were out of town visiting family. It also rained during that time and all throughout the night, at one point dispersing people who had gathered downtown to react to the verdict. Then the next day was Easter Sunday. Now it is Monday and all is quiet. We have made it!

Kenya now has a new Constitution, a new President for the next 4 years and PEACE. We are shouting and rejoicing over here.

A recent article on Africa written last week from Europe said that if Kenya comes through this time with a set government and peace under its new democratic system, it will be the most stable country in Africa…Wow. Watch out Africa here comes Kenya!

We are now standing at a key time for the church to take things to the next level. I cannot imagine what our June conference it’s going to be like as we prepare to “advance”, “take the promised land”, etc. What a time to challenge the church for evangelism, missions, church planting to go forward in a new day. This is Kenya’s hour.

At the time the verdict was announced a rainbow appeared over downtown Nairobi (see below). Was this another sign timed perfectly? I think so……

Thanks to the many of you that prayed and believed God with us for this outcome. Your prayers have been answered.

Ronnie and Debbie