The Kingdom of God at Work! July 3, 2012

I want to tell you an exciting story and testimony. This story is still unfolding and we continue to be amazed of how God works.

On the Sunday after the summit, the speakers spread out to minister in local churches. Pastor Dwayne Higgason of Grace Temple in Hattiesburg, Ms. was invited to speak at Redemption Victory Church. RVC is located in a “challenging” part of the city and most of the surrounding area is struggling with severe¬† poverty.

At the end of the service, the church took up an offering for Pastor Dwayne. At first he didn’t know what to do with it but then felt God spoke to him to take the actual offering back to Grace Temple and show it to them and receive an offering in return for RVC. The offering amount was 1500/=Kenya Shillings which is $18.00.

Before continuing let me give you some background. This church is 10 years old and the pastor has been with it since the beginning. They were growing until the violence hit 5 years ago. Many of their members moved or were chased from the area and the church had 5 members left.

(The scene on the news during the violence of a policeman running in the street shooting at the crowd was the street outside this church).

They decided not to close it down but to keep going. They have been building it back up but continuing to struggle. The pastor works full time as the church cannot support him with enough to live on. Their roof leaks, they have only one speaker and have to borrow an amplifier when a guest comes.

They needed chairs, a keyboard and many repairs needed to happen on the building.
On a side note, the pastor and his wife had committed to giving 2 bags of flour every Sunday to Bishop Victor Matoke who founded the church and is the overseer.

They had kept their commitment even when they had to borrow the money to buy the flour. Also the pastor had just found out that he was losing his job at the end of June.

When Pastor Dwayne returned to Grace Temple and showed them the shillings, the church took up an offering for RVC.  Everyone was shocked by the response.

After all the funds came in there was enough to pay the pastor’s rent for the rest of the year plus give him extra for other expenses; enough to pay Bishop Matoke’s rent for the rest of the year plus give him enough to catch up on all his needs; enough for RVC to rennovate their church (new roof and enlarge the meeting hall), buy a new keyboard, a sound system, curtains for the front, 25 new chairs, etc. as well as put a substantial sum in the bank. The pastor will now be able to receive a salary as well!

It is hard to explain what this miracle has done for not only this church but now the surrounding community. This past Sunday they had their new sound, keyboard and chairs and all the new chairs were full as neighbors came to visit after hearing what God was doing.

The church was full and when they received their regular offering it was the largest in 5 years. This was without anyone preaching on giving but the people responding after seeing what God had done.

The service Sunday lasted late into the afternoon as the people praised, sang and danced for hours. They all wanted to give a hug to the pastor and his wife and rejoice in the faithfulness of God. The church is ready to evangelize their community and now have the sound and equipment to do it.

This is the Kingdom of God at work! The inspiration and encouragement of this gift has started a chain reaction of praise, faith and a renewed belief in the faithfulness of God.

It is spreading like wildfire as people hear of this testimony. It will be exciting to watch the fruit come forth from what such a blessing can do to one group of people that have stayed faithful during the hard times and then gave out of their own need.

Amazing what God can still do with 5 loaves and 2 fish. I am not sure God ever adds…it seems He only knows how to multiply!

Below is a 1:38 minute clip of the church’s reaction when I announced how much they were receiving. Enjoy and rejoice at the what the Lord has done!

Ronnie and Debbie