The Joy of Unexpected Blessings! 12-20-2011

Most of you will remember that in October we collected funds to give the CMM staff an “unexpected blessing”. As you witnessed in the video report they were overcome with joy and their appreciation for it has been so deep.

Today we are in the middle of the greatest giving season and doing special things for others for the whole year. Wouldn’t it be great if the Christmas spirit lasted all year? After seeing the fruit and blessing of doing something totally unexpected, I have kept an eye open for other people or situations that this might be a great time for something “unexpected”.

It seems to be a little harder to do during this time of the year when everyone “expects” gifts but there are still ways to do the unexpected. Let me share with you something our family has done and another example during the Houston Texans football game that will definitely show you the reason for the season.

Last week I saw a news report of people that were going into stores like K-Mart and Walmart and going to the lay-a-way department and randomly paying off people’s lay-a-ways. Total strangers just doing something unexpected for another family. One lady paid off 12 different families lay-a-way.

This really got my attention. So this past Sunday while Debbie and I were having lunch after church with Madeline and Clara, we discussed this and decided to do the same thing. So we went to a nearby Walmart and went to the lay-a-way department and told them we would like to pay some one’s bill. It caused no small stir.

The lady at the desk was first stunned and had to get a manager to see how and if they could do it. It took 3 managers working on it to figure out how to do it. It definitely revealed that this had not been done at this store this season.

After they figured out how and located a family we could help and after Madeline gave the clerk the money to pay it off, it definitely left an impression on several Walmart employees and once again I saw the power of an unexpected blessing, even without getting to witness what the person might have experienced when they found out it was paid off.

I also believe that it will have a lasting impression also on 2 wonderful granddaughters. It proved once again that it is better to give than receive.Then this morning I read and watched a short video of an unexpected blessing for a young widow and her young son after her soldier husband was recently killed.

If you want to instantly jump into the Christmas spirit and the power of an unexpected blessing just click on the link below.As 2012 approaches, why not make looking for places to do the unexpected as part of your New Year’s pledge.

I guarantee you that when you need a fresh dose of joy, and you will many times next year, this is a proven way to bring it on! Merry Christmas from Debbie and I and may you be blessed as well with the unexpected as we celebrate the birth of the greatest giver of unexpected blessings!

Vet’s Widow and Son Receive Gift of a Lifetime

Ronnie and Debbie