The Jewell House Shines!

During the marriage conference we had our first American group stay at The Jewell House during the conference. This would be a test to see if was sufficient and adequate to house guests during conferences. To say it passed with flying colors might be an understatement.

Debbie and I stayed there as well and of course we are biased, but we must say, it was wonderful! Sitting on the balcony in the morning with a cup of Kenya AAA coffee, looking at Ngong Hills while soft worship music was filling the air from the pavilion as early morning prayers were taking place was so inspiring. A great bed, beautifully decorated room, American toilets, hot water and electricity 24/7, 70 degree weather, high speed internet (Kenyan high speed) and most of all, one minute from room to pulpit with no traffic!

Maybe the best way to describe it is from comments from the group that occupied it: “ Very comfortable”; “Ronnie, this is fabulous”; “the pictures we saw do not do it justice, even better than the pictures”; “I feel like I have American accommodations even though I am in Kenya”; “this is as good as some hotels in America”; “internet was great”; laundry and kitchen available at all times”; “great team environment”; “not having to travel 1-2 hours each morning and then back in the evenings is so helpful in being able to teach and minister”.

If you would like to see our welcome to the first group to The Jewell House click on this link: