The Buck Seymour Memorial Project 9-4-12


“Buck Seymour Pavilion”


On August 23, 2012, Norwood “Buck” Seymour Jr. went to be with the Lord. Buck was a great friend of Kenya and was a board member of Mission Barnabas. Buck was also a great friend to Debbie and me. He will missed in so many ways.


Buck was a part of the ministry and work in Kenya going back to when my mother first bought the property where Clarence Matheny Leadership Training Institute now sits. Buck walked the property with my mom and advised her how to proceed with the layout for construction and the preparation of the property for building.

In fact, on one trip, Buck hired a bulldozer then drove it himself and began to do the first evacuation on the property by filling in a small pond (where our dining hall now sits). Buck was a jack of all trades and each visit he was helping with any and all kinds of repairs, building, well as preaching and ministry.

Buck was the architect of almost every building at CMM. His handiwork is all over the place. In fact, just a few weeks ago, Buck sent me the drawings on how to enlarge our pavilion. We have a pavilion that seats approximately 500 and is used for our main meeting hall during conferences.

It has long ago become too small. Each conference we rent tents and put up along the side and sometime at the rear of the pavilion to accommodate everyone. The plans Buck have drawn up will double our seating capacity. 


We are starting the quest for raising the funds in order to enlarge the pavilion. In honor of his contributions to the work in Kenya once it is completed we will dedicate it to Buck, naming it ‘The Buck Seymour Pavilion’.

We are hoping to have this completed before our next large leadership conference in March 2013.

For those who would like to make a donation in honor of Buck’s life and for the legacy he leaves behind in Africa we thank you. Once the project is finished we will post the pictures on this site as well as a report on the dedication. 

Thank you Buck for all you have done and meant to so many of your brothers and sisters in Africa and your heart for Kenya and your name will live on!!


Ronnie Matheny