That water has turned to wine! 1-28-2012

Today I went to take a walk and pray while walking. Several things have collided at once over the last couple of days as well as I needed to have my spirit settled on a couple of major issues.

My heart was a little heavy as one of our staff members had his home robbed by 4 thieves who took 4 hours to go through everything and took everything of value. On top of everything else, Debbie has been in bed all day with a severe stomach virus.

As I started my walk, I turned on my IPod and decided to put it on shuffle. The first song that started playing was, ‘I Know Who Holds Tomorrow’. When I looked down and saw the title, I thought, how appropriate. As it played I began to sense my faith calm and rise at the same time.

The next song, ‘Victory in Jesus’…I began to have trouble staying on the walking path because of the tears. As each song played it seemed everyone was meant for me today. Then I knew this was the Holy Ghost Shuffle.

As I worshiped, I realized that I had not really been asking or praying about anything, but the interesting thing was that is seemed my ‘knower‘ was turned on. I knew that concerning these things I would “know” God’s will on these major issues, healing would come and God would restore what the thieves had taken.

I know I, or should I say God, was kicking it old school but it brought back the faith and inspiration of earlier days when these songs pulled me through, over, across and beyond. I thank God for all the new songs today but God is still alive in those traditional songs that got you through earlier times and still carry a strong anointing.

I was reminded that sometimes we need to re-dig the old wells. As I did today, to my surprise I found that the water that was in the old well had turned to wine. Now as many of you know, I am not a consiseur of wine, but I do know that the best and most expensive is the wine that has aged.

So while Coldplay’s ‘Paradise African Style’ will inspire and lift you up, let’s not forget that when we have that ‘Blessed Assurance’ because ‘My God is Real’ and we know the the blood reaches to the highest and the lowest places then without a doubt ‘Victory is Mine’….so ‘Glory to His Name’…Selah.