Testimony from Pastor Paul Musungu – June 5, 2011

Just returned Tuesday from a regional meeting…what can I say…sharing what I know all day to hungry pastors that sit for hours taking notes…Fulfilling!

I want to share with you an email I received. This is typical of the hunger and need here and how your help is making such a difference:
Dear Rony:

Now give me your attention in this area. I really thank God for you. If there are two people that have a ministry that seems to be a duplicate of each other, then, it is you and me. The Lord started moving me long time, in the late 90s’ about what you are doing at the moment.

So, I need you very much in my life and ministry. Right now I’m just pasturing a Church in the Western past of Kenya, but, when I see what you are doing I find interpretation to what the Lord is still prompting my heart for long.

I Know you are a father and an apostle, so, I can put my hands into your biggest ones and learn more things from you.

Now, I caught, one thing that I have been wanting to do in the rural urban centres of Butula and that day, the Lord caused you to speak it out. And that is starting resource centers.

Kindly, Consider working with me to meet this need in this area. To effect this I would ask you to help us with the following:

  1. Resources (books, atleast 2 or 3 computers).
  2. Books (like: Strongs Exh’ Bible concordance, commentaries, vine Expository Dictionaries, Bible dictionaries, Different translations of the Bibles).
  3. help us start out (acquire a rental room and one personnel to watch the libray).

Since I came to this area from the year 2008, I have wept a lot, servants of God are not reached and you can hardly see even a speaker from Nairobi visit Churches out there. It is difficult to see even a missionary out here.

I have tried to get the pastors together and right now we have a pastors’ fellowship. I have started to introduce the pastors to some Bible training and leadership sessions. I had earlier shared with them my vision of having a Christian resource centre and they were excited.

I have some few books that I can add to the library if you help us start out. I even I brought few along to your meeting of June.Please, pray about this, the churches out here are underfed and this is because the servants are neglected.

I have started to come up with seminars and youth conferences. I heed your help in this. God bless you. I have not asked for a vehicle or anything for my personal need, but, I cry for the need of the body of Christ out here. May the Lord that feels for His body speak to you to reach us.

Pastor Paul M. Musungu

Looking for more Gideons to put more trumpets and lanterns in their hands so that these nations of East Africa will be transformed!