What a Team!

Eleven years ago this month God began to stir the call for Debbie and me to move to Africa. One of the points for our mission is found in 2 Timothy 2:2… “pass on what you have heard from me…to reliable leaders who are competent to teach others.”

We see this mission being fulfilled over and over, but recently my heart was so blessed to see it take place in our main leadership team. Debbie and I needed to  be in the States for the month of June to attend a conference and 50th year celebration of the church, college and fellowship that we were involved in for many years. It was a great opportunity to renew friendships and to spread the word about Africa.

Since June is one of our main leadership conferences at CMM every year, it would mean turning it over to “sons in the house”. These sons are Travis Matheny, Joel Chola, Victor Matoke, Wa, and our executive team: Sam, Faustin, Ritchie, Jane and Javan. I am writing to let you know that once again we saw 2 Tim. 2:2 fulfilled and in such a wonderful, impactful way. The conference was powerful and the testimonies are off the charts (check a few out below!) The testimonies from the pastors sounded just like the ones when Debbie and I are there…AWESOME!! CMM-staff

The organization, teaching, administration and staying within budget made everyone happy (Debbie still had her hands on it, just like when you have one finger on the steering wheel while your child is in your lap steering the car). We are proud “parents” today and ready to go to the next level. When you see the fruit of teaching reliable men and women, you realize there are good roots for future advancement.  Thanks Travis, Joel, Victor, Wa, Sam, Faustin, Ritchie, Jane, Javan and the rest of the CMM Team. If for some reason we fail to give you a bonus, see me when we all get to heaven 🙂


Mark Your Calendar

Be sure and mark your calendar for the Mission Barnabas banquet on November 4th from 6:00PM-9:00PM. You will see updates along the way giving you more details but the planning is underway and as usual it will be great food, reports and updates, etc.


June Testimonies

I feel so much blessed and lifted highly by the teachings, I feel highly refreshed and it’s like I have been given a new beginning with new ideas also to share in my church, a new beginning with new Family, new leadership and marriage.

The conference was all about me, my family and my relationship with the members of my church. I have been given what it takes to be a servant of God who should not be ashamed. I have been empowered and I know I will never be the same.

It has been a wonderful time before the Lord. Everything went well; I have been empowered by teachings from all speakers. I am going back home with a very big vision for the church. I thank God for changing my character, behavior and thinking.

I have been so much blessed by all the speakers and have surely transformed my life and I am ready to go out there and transform the life of my family, church and the community.

I have been blessed since day one in all the messages. They have really inspired me as a pastor and one thing that I have learnt is that I should be a person of gratitude. Appreciating the people God has given unto me to serving starting with my immediate family. God bless you.