Sponsorships are HERE!

If you were at our banquet in November you heard the special announcement that Mission Barnabas would now be offering supporters the chance to send an individual pastor to a conference.

Well, that day is here!

If you have not been to Kenya and seen the need for yourself then it is hard for us to explain just what a difference attending a CMM Conference makes in the life a desperate leader.  For many pastors the cost of transportation and conference fees are equal to a full month’s pay and the pastors that we invite to attend on scholarship are typically unable to come without help from someone like you.

During the course of their week at CMM they were given 4-5 nights’ accommodations, 12 meals, over 20 sessions of training, hundreds of dollars worth of study materials, books, bibles and resources and much more.  The average pastor who comes through our gates leaves talking about how this week was like nothing they ever imagined to be possible, much less thought that they would encounter.  They will take this importation and multiply it in their churches and communities and the blessing will spread exponentially.

For only $49 you will enable this experience for a rural African Pastor.  Once the conference is over, you will receive a letter from the pastor you sponsored so that you can learn a little about the pastor, view their picture and read the testimony letter that they wrote to you as their sponsor.

To get started just CLICK HERE

Thank you for being willing to step up and facilitate the CMM experience for this pastor.  May God richly bless you!

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