Send a couple to our Marriage Conference!

Dear Friends and Family:

During the past 12 years, every other July we have a 5 day marriage conference at CMM. For Debbie and I, this is one of our favorite conferences that we host. We get to witness and watch marriages changed, healed and restored right before our eyes. The pastors tell us that if their marriage is healed then their ministry is healed. We love the last night when we finish the conference with a banquet and each husband escorts his wife (all decked out in their finest) to the dining hall. We witness the week’s teachings surface in such joy and happiness and resolve from them to go and change other marriages of those they pastor.

“I have much to say but I am glad that as a young pastor I will be able to raise a generation that will respect family, taking care to their wife/husband/children.”  Delegate

This year we are believing that God will fill up the center (145 couples).  What is offered at these conferences with ministry, time, love and resources is enormous. It is definitely life and marriage changing and I wish all the pastors we know could experience this. The challenge for these pastors is the cost of the conference for 2 people, as well as 2X travel costs and then money needed for the family at home. This is too great for many of them. So this year we lowered the conference costs to make it more affordable. Our next step is to scholarship many of the wives so they can afford to come.  We also hope to scholarship both husband and wife as well for some of the couples.  Click here to Sponsor Now!

When we were in Rwanda for a regional meeting last year, the interest to come to our marriage conference was great. However for a husband and wife to travel to Nairobi is a 2 day trip and their cost is about $500.00 before any conference costs. While Pastor Chola was announcing this he told them that if any of them came that we would scholarship them. At the moment it is looking like 10 couples will be able to come from Rwanda! PTL!!

We are asking you to help us make this possible so that this year CMM (145 couples) will be FULL. About 80-90 couples will be able to attend with no help. The cost of a scholarship for one couple is $49.00 or that will help 2 wives to attend with their husbands.  This amount pays for the conference, accommodations, food, etc. for both husband and wife for 5 days. This investment will extend into eternity with the affect it will have on so many. As these marriages are changed, then it extends to hundreds of churches and families. It is definitely worth such a small amount for such a huge return in your brothers and sisters in Africa! Will you help us make it possible for 1, 2, 3 couples to be able to attend or 2, 4, 6 wives sponsored so they and their husbands can attend?

We have already stepped out in faith and extended some scholarships based on your responding (Pastor Chola and I have faith in you).

Let’s believe for 145 couples!  Click here to Sponsor Now!

Thank you in advance for your help.

Ronnie and Debbie