Robbed but got an upgrade! 02-06-2012

On Thursday, January 27, Pastor Chola’s home was broken into by 4 thugs. They tied up the house girl and for 4 hours they went through everything in their home, taking any and everything of value.

All of the things that the Cholas had brought from their visit to the States; Wii, Play Station, sound system, along with Pauline’s laptop, Joel’s desktop computer and a video camera and anything electronic.

They even took Pauline’s passport. Their house looked like a tornado had hit it as the thieves even turned over their bed and cut their box springs open looking for money.
One of the saddest things about the whole ordeal was that all the electronics that the children played with was stolen.

They had one game for the Wii and it was in the Wii when taken. After being heartbroken about it I remembered that someone from the States (Velda Rickstrew) was leaving for Kenya in a couple of days. I sent out an email to a few people and by the time Velda left she was bringing with her a brand new Wii along with 7 new games for it.

She was also bringing with her a used laptop that had been given that we asked if she would bring over.So on the following Tuesday, I invited the Chola family to our house under the pretense we would give the kids some candy and coloring books that we had. After sitting them all on the sofa, I gave them a 1 minute devotion on how God restores what the enemy has stolen.

After giving them some candy and the coloring books we then proceeded to give them the 7 games for the Wii and then the Wii itself. Come to find out, they originally had only 1 controller as well and with these new games they now have several controllers.

They had had one wheel to use for the driving games and they still had it since it was in a bag and the thieves overlooked it. It so happened that Velda had also bought 3 more wheels. The Cholas have 4 children and NOW they have 4 wheels so they can all race at the same time!
One of the things that has been such a blessing is to watch the Cholas response to the entire situation.

From Pauline’s first response that “we must be doing something right”, to Joel’s thanking God for an upgrade. He referenced the scripture that if a thief is caught he must repay 7 times and they had received 7 times for the Wii that was stolen.

They felt that they had been upgraded. To get the kids to come to supper he has to ring a bell over and over to pull them away from their blessings. We were also able to give the laptop to Pauline that was brought over and it was better than her original one.

We are giving a desktop computer to Joel as soon as the container arrives.We are believing that their Play Station will be restored along with a few other things and we all have no doubt.

This was not the best way you would want to have some of your things upgraded but it is amazing of how God restores what the enemy has taken.Debbie recorded on video the kids reaction when we gave them the new Wii. Click on the link below and you will be blessed.