Remember the A-Team?

A Great Team…..

Today I sat down for a few minutes in my recliner to take a break. I  began to think of all that was going on with all our team as we get ready for several great events. What is about to be accomplished is because we have great team leadership and the “sons in the house” are making it happen.

  • Pastor Chola, Sam, Ritchie and the rest of the CMM Team are having printing done, making badges, preparing the facilities, buying supplies, getting the grounds ready, registering pastors for the conference, working on renting CMM for future groups, fixing showerheads, preparing the worship team, etc. all the while the pavilion is being enlarged. (The contractor promises it will be ready for us to use by next Thursday….fingers crossed here).
  •  Faustin picks up one our conference speakers tonight and just found out their plane is running about 1 ½ hrs. late…so it will be after midnight before all driving is done. We have 8 speakers for our upcoming conference so between transport, phone needs, etc., Faustin should earn his pay.
  •  Victor Matoke, our regional director, flew to Kampala, Uganda today to finish preparations for our mini-conference there next week. He is arranging all the logistics and finishing the last minute details.
  • Travis Matheny is finishing his preparations for his training and teaching starting next Saturday as well as doing CMLTI website work, organizing worship cds, and serving as a pack mule next week to bring so many items with him.
  •  Debbie has spent the last few days working and reworking the budget for the conference, the schedule and preparations for all the guests that are coming. Buying supplies for the Jewell House, making sure all is ready for an onslaught of guests and their needs as well as make sure the conference budget is ready .The container is to arrive on Monday in Mombasa and it requires a mountain of details to get it to CMM.
  •  I am preparing to speak next week for several hours in Uganda, then at the March conference as I also manage the cash flow to fund all we are doing (Uganda Regional, March conference, building the pavilion, clearing the container to name a few) as I make sure all the balls stay in the air.
  • Pam Lloyd, Ina Bartel, MB Board, You, those who sponsored pastors for this conference and all the churches that support this vision are doing their part in prayer, support and giving to make this all happen.

I am looking forward to March 17 when we will have some down time to begin to download all that happened and what God has done. It is because we have such a great group of dedicated servants that make it happen. Go team and let the party begin!!