Project Update!

If you missed last week’s Mission Barnabas banquet, you missed a wonderful and inspiring evening. Everything was "off the charts"….great music, food, testimonies, Skype from Kenya, videos and pictures. We were all blessed by the 2012 report and challenged for 2013.

We presented everyone with our latest project…"CMM Guest House". Every year we have so many guests visiting us from the States and they stay in guest houses in Nairobi and pay a handsome sum for 7-8 nights of accommodation. They also spend hours in traffic as they travel to and from CMM. 

The above picture shows our proposed plans for building a guest house on sight. The lower section is already built and used for teaching classes. We can put another level on top as shown and it would give us 10 bedrooms and a lounge area.

These accommodations would be somewhat "Americanized" and would enable our guests to stay on campus for each conference. If these guests paid CMM the same as other guest housing, the profit made from all the guests each year plus what we could also make from renting it out to local groups is estimated to be $25,000.00-40,000.00!

This would allow us to do more building, to make payroll for CMM staff as well as repairs and maintenance. Therefore we are challenging our supporters and friends to help us build this now.

Here are the facts: Cost to build…$70,000.00. Amount given last week at board meeting and banquet…$52,000.00.  Needed to complete project…$18,000.00.

If you missed the banquet last week you did not have an opportunity to give toward this and this would be your first time to hear this exciting news. Of course we don’t want you to feel left out (::). We have challenged the churches that support us to take a room or 2 and several have.

We challenged the businessmen as well and then all of us individually. Maybe you couldn’t afford a whole room but maybe 1/2 or 1/4 or the bed for the room, etc.

Our goal is to have this completed by the March 2013 conference. The contractor will start the first phase (walls and ceiling) once we have $25,000.00.

This should be soon and then he will proceed as we finish each phase. We are believing that we can give him the go ahead to start and finish as soon as possible.

Please pray about your part in helping us reach this goal. We believe that by year’s end we shall have all the funds. Please pray and then act. 

Ronnie and Debbie Matheny