Prayer Requested 05-09-2012

In one month from now we will be hosting our largest and possibly one of our most impacting events to date….the East Africa Leadership Summit II.

Pastors and church leaders from all 5 nations of E.A. will be coming to Nairobi for 2 days of seeking and hearing from God on behalf of what the church and her leaders need to do and be in preparation for the upcoming presidential elections in a few months. This is a critical time for Kenya.

We will have an opportunity to touch so many key and influential leaders through this summit and we believe that this shall translate into leading Kenya through this challenging time. During the last election the violence was so horrific and it so scarred the nation and the church was part of the problem.

We have been working hard to bring change and give direction that will help bring God’s will and power into this situation and to have peaceful and positive results from the elections.

We have been preparing for this for several months and have been organizing many things. One thing that we have on our list, a very important piece for it’s success, is intercessory prayer.

We need Christians around the world who will intercede for this summit for the next month. This is where the victory is won and we need your help.

Will you commit to intercede, pray and cry out to God on behalf of the nation of Kenya and that this summit will have an impact in many key areas and key people.

I am listing below several specific things to pray. As you are praying, if the Spirit of God gives you a special wording, request, idea, etc. would you share it with us so we can add it to the list.

Thank you in advance for your help and know this is one way that everyone of us can help impact the nations together!

Taking Kenya to the next level,
Ronnie and Debbie Matheny


1. Peaceful and non-violent presidential elections.

2. Peace during the days leading up to the elections.

3. Unity among the tribes, within the government and within the church and it’s leaders.

4. Smooth transition from a coalition government to a president led government.

5. Help and strength for the church and it’s leaders to demonstrate unity, love, healing, character and leadership.

6. For the people to rise above tribalism.

7. Pray against every evil work the the enemy is planning and that the enemy’s plans will be exposed.

8. Out of the summit will come a great spirit of unity, power and transformed leaders who can lead the church through these turbulent times. 

Touch the leader, change the church. Touch the church, change the nation!