Perspective June 2, 2011

Just before we arrived by in Kenya, two of our staff members were robbed at gunpoint after their van broke down on the highway at night. They took Pastor Chola’s Iphone that he had just got while in the States along with thousands of shillings between all of them.

Then Sunday at church one of the young ladies that help with the service each Sunday had just been attacked by several men as soon as she walked out of her gate. She threw her keys and purse at them and ran and they let her go but she lost her purse, money, phone, etc.

Later, Debbie and I were discussing how that of all the friends we have in the United States we hardly ever here of anyone being assaulted, robbed, beat, etc. Yet here, almost every friend we have, our staff, guards, etc. has at least one story, some of them many stories of attacks, robberies, beating, etc.

One thing that so amazes us is how the Christians here can be robbed, attacked and live in a culture with so many challenges; high prices for food, long periods without water or electricity, horrible traffic, walking so much to go places, some living on a few dollars day and still have such a victorious spirit and the joy of the Lord.

So many times I have been blessed because I will see one of our friends, pastors, staff, etc. and they tell me what recently happened to them but they still have that “keyboard” smile and so much joy.

Each time we are back in the States I catch myself getting frustrated over such small things then hear of what my brothers and sisters here are going through and how they respond and it pulls the slack out of my life and keeps me from getting spoiled! Lord, help me not to complain again over the small stuff.