One More Touchdown Coming! 12-08-2011

Last year when the Dallas Cowboys played the Washington Redskins, Debbie and I were in Kenya and I couldn’t wait to see this match up. To watch it live, I would need to get up around 3-4 in the morning. However, the local TV network in Kenya, tapes it and then replays it at 4pm.

The excitement built all day as I couldn’t wait to make some popcorn, get my diet coke and watch this match up. I did not get online at all so I would not see the score. I avoided all contact or conversation with anyone that might hint at the outcome.

I am sitting in my recliner with great anticipation for it to start, when right at the beginning the editors made a miscue and they showed the final score the first thing….Cowboys 31, Redskins 27. I couldn’t believe it, I now know the score before the game is played.
I would not be denied though and watched the entire game.

However it turned out to be a great inspiration to my faith. As I watched the game whenever the Redskins scored, it didn’t get me concerned. The Redskins intercepted Romo, recovered a fumble…no worries.

What would normally have me pounding the floor in angst and worry…..pass the popcorn because the Cowboys will win.If memory serves me correctly, the Redskins were ahead going into the 4th quarter but I knew there was one more touchdown coming. There had to be…the final score did not lie.

So my attitude when the Cowboys were behind was…just wait. I have to admit that watching the game when I knew the final score was a much easier experience on my nerves, anxiety level and my confidence of course was through the roof.

I say all this to encourage us today in our journey. As the game is in full force in your life today and maybe you have fumbled the ball or a pass you threw has been intercepted….today’ score is not the final outcome.

Keep playing offense and defense and victory will come. Don’t get discouraged and give up or go to the sidelines. The game is never won if we retreat to the sidelines. Stay in the game and keep running, passing and tackling because there is one more touchdown coming and you win.

So if you feel a little defeated today, let me remind you to look up and see the final score…YOU WIN! Phil. 1:6….I am confident that He which began a good work in me will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ! (Matheny Version)…..Stay in the game because the winning touchdown is near!