No Bed, No Problem…Book Me! 2-24-2012

I always love getting ready for the March pastor’s conference. Since it has been several months since we have had a conference, pastors are always so thrilled, excited and filled with anticipation for the first conference of the year.

As usual this time is no exception. As you know we have beds for 350 pastors. Once they are taken then we let the pastors know that can sleep on a mattress on the floor in one of the available class rooms. Once those are taken, then we let them know that we will put up a tent with army cots.

As of the middle of January all the beds have been taken. As of today, 3 weeks before the conference, we have 565 registered with more calling every day.

Here are a couple of their responses when we let them know the options is now a cot under a tent: “It doesn’t matter where I sleep, I am coming for the teaching”. Another pastor, “No problem, book me!” (This has been the standard response).

So far we have offered over 200 pastors the tent/cot and EVERYONE has registered…not one complaint…just happy to be able to attend.

Is this a great job or what? When hunger meets great teaching lives are changed. When lives are changed, marriages are healed, churches are healed and a whole nation can be affected.

We don’t know what the final count will be for this conference but we already know that hungry men and women will arrive ready to embrace and receive the word of God. Watch out come March 19!