My policy is the separation of spirit and silicon! 1-11-2012

Last Sunday I asked Siri (the new feature on the IPhone 4s that acts like a personal assistant) if she would tell me the will of God for me today. Her answer was, “My policy is the separation of spirit and silicon!” It did not give me the answer I was looking for but it gave me an intelligent answer for a phone. My phone should not be telling me the will of God.

In my recent devotions, God has been dealing with me about ‘shutting the door’ when we enter the secret place to commune with God. I have noticed that with all the latest electronic gadgets…the IPhone, Ipad, Ipod, ICloud, laptop, Face book, Foursquare, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. that we are constantly bombarded with so much activity.

I would notice that while I might be praying or reading the Bible or meditating that I would hear a click (new email), a beep or a tweet from one of the many devices in the room. Once I would hear an alert of some new message, I started to wander what or who might need something or what exciting news awaits just one click away.

I realized that as great as all of these devices are, they can be a big distraction when you are needing some one on one time with the Holy Spirit. I understand more than ever why Jesus said that when you enter the secret place, shut the door!

I suggest we might need a small table, maybe a large one, outside of our secret place entrance to unload and place all of our devices. They can be useful and very helpful in many ways and we can at times be encouraged and blessed through them.

However, there are those times when we need to be alone with the Father and no distractions. So why would be carry into the secret place with us known detractors when we need to give our full attention to the Father? God does “tweet” but it will not be on twitter but in His Presence.

I was reminded of the scripture that states that I must decrease for Him to increase…”I”…that could mean anything with an I….iPhone, ipod, ipod, icloud…you get the picture. No problem with being in the ICloud as long as you have spent time in the glory cloud. Let’s keep this in balance.

As good as all these new and wonderful communication tools are they do not know the mind of God for you, that still comes the old fashioned way, one on one sitting in the lap of Father. Let’s don’t use substitutes for the most key relationship in our lives!