My Heart is Full!! 06-12-2012

It will very hard for me to describe to you how our 2nd East Africa Leadership Summit went, but I will give it a shot.Since we do not pre-register delegates, it is difficult to know how many we will have in attendance. We have to plan on our estimates and how many we “feel” will attend.

On Thursday morning, the first day of the summit, Pastor Chola receives a phone call at 4:00AM from someone at the venue requesting him to come now as several hundred pastors are at the gate. When Pastor Chola arrived there were between 400-600 pastors waiting to get in at 6:30AM! Needless to say the attendance was tremendous.

We estimate that we had between 3500-4000 pastors and leaders. We had one pastor that came from Nigeria, some from the Congo and then all 5 East Africa nations.

On Thursday we had wonderful teachings to encourage and give guidance to the pastors for leading Kenya through the next few months prior to the upcoming elections. We continued this on Friday morning until we reached the final 2 hours. At this time we shifted gears. We then started the “finale” which included a season of intercessory prayer.

We had representative come to the stage representing all the life of Kenya: delegates from the government, business community, teachers, youth, children, the clergy and church and representatives from all 5 East Africa nations. They were surrounded by a 70 voice choir from various churches and consisted of the various tribes of Kenya (dressed in their tribal outfits) along with the CMM Praise Team and band.

We then stretched out our hands toward this representative group and began to cry out to God for this nation as only Africans can do. I know something happened in the heavenlies as the spirit of unity in the place was almost tangible. Our mantra: Psalms 133…

How pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity….for their the Lord COMMANDS a blessing!After a season of prayer it was time to celebrate and rejoice and give thanks to God in advance for how our prayers would impact this nation.

We had most of the flags of every nation placed on poles. The pastors were asked to get a flag and stand around the stage and wave their flag as the choir, the dancers and the band led us into high praise. At this point I lost control…if I ever had it.

Nearly 4000 pastors, choir members…everyone began to lift up a sound of praise that I know made God get up off the throne and come and get in the middle of this. As my dad used to say…”God has bent over and kissed the earth and I just got caught in the smack”. Well that is what it felt like.

The people began to praise, the pastors with the flags began to go down the aisles, marching around the sanctuary singing and praising God. As I stood there and witnessed such joy, faith, love and unity, I realized a dream fulfilled. It was beyond my expectations.

My heart was full. I could hardly contain what I witnessed and know that each pastor can take that spirit from that place and it will empower and propel them through the upcoming crisis and challenges that lay ahead.

We are getting calls from all over, requests for a summit in their town and almost begging for more of this. One leader who brought 40 pastors from Uganda has called Pastor Chola 3 times just today begging us to come to Uganda with this….whatever “this” is…Hallelujah!

This summit made several statements and one of them we believe is…”This time will be different”! Please continue to keep the upcoming elections in Kenya on your prayer list. Your finances helped us make this possible now let’s make a difference through prayer.

I have attached a small sample of the last hour praise and worship. I will be making a video report and sharing much more later.

Again, on behalf of so many blessed and now encouraged leaders…Asante Sana!!!

Ronnie and Debbie