My father's vision extended-June 25,2011

This past Sunday, Father’s Day, was a very special time for me as Travis and his family celebrated it with us on safari in Kenya. Many of these holidays, Debbie and I celebrate with our children by Skype or email, so this was super special. It also gave me pause to remember my Dad and the impact he has had on me and the rest of our family.

This time the holiday had much extra meaning for me as we had just finished a pastor’s leadership conference which was Dad’s vision which he started over 25 years ago and Travis(grandson) was one of the speakers.

Travis now comes to Kenya two times a year to teach the pastors and he is quickly becoming a pastor of pastors to many here. Observing the anointing that is on him and the affect he is having on the vision and ministry here is such a blessing.

We sell cd’s and tapes of all the messages and over the last few conferences Travis’ messages have been the main seller.

On top of that, Madeline and Clara (great granddaughters) were at the conference and during the concordance workshop they helped hand out the concordances. As I watched this I had to have a “moment” realizing that our Godly heritage and Dad’s vision is being extended. It was a beautiful sight

One reason this is so special is that when you drive up to the conference center the sign at the gate reads ‘Clarence Matheny Leadership Training Institute’. Due to being given several libraries over the last few years that we have kept in storage, we will one day open the Clarence Matheny Theological Library.

This will most likely be the largest religious library in Kenya if not in most of Africa. The interesting aspect of this is that my dad had to drop out of school in the third grade and couldn’t read as an adult. After he got saved God literally taught him how to read.

So one day soon a man that couldn’t read and ran away from home planning to return one day and kill his stepfather but God saved him and called him to preach, will have a theological library named after him located in a training institute named after him with his wife, sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren carrying out his heart to help African pastors.

What a father’s day! What a heritage!