From Matuu with Love!

June was just an incredible month at Mission Barnabas/CMM!
It started when we took a small team to the city of Matuu about 2 hours north of Nairobi. Over 200 pastors and leaders from the region were there for a full day of training. To our surprise we discovered that about 80% of them had not heard of CMM before. We realized that recently we have been doing regional meetings further and further from Nairobi and that the need is still great right in our own back yard. After hours of teaching from Pastor Joel Chola and Travis Matheny, pastors were invited to CMM the following week to attend the June CMM Pastors Conference. We had many respond and join us the next week.

Here is a testimony from one of the pastors who came to the CMM conference after we met him in Matuu: “I am so grateful for everything I have received at this conference. I cannot imagine what could have happened if you did not come to Matuu and invite us. May the Lord bless you!” – Pastor Joseph Kitonga. The amazing thing is that we get testimonies like this all the time from pastors that we meet at regional meetings who end up in Nairobi for a full CMM conference. Such a blessing!


Of course, this update would be incomplete without a report on the amazing conference we had at CMM 2 weeks ago with more than 450 pastors in attendance. Beginning last year we added a 3rd Pastors and Leaders conference that we call CMM2.0. 2.0 is a slightly different experience from our standard conference. For starters, we do not offer translation, so all delegates must be able to hear English well. This gives us the opportunity to go deeper and pack more content into our sessions. Also at 2.0, each delegate must choose one of our CMM Tracks. Each track is over 6 hours of instruction on one topic. This conference offered track topics such as Pastoring a City Church, Discovering Your Leadership Style, Creating a MindShift and a track exclusively for women leaders. Attendees were so grateful for this type of deeper learning experience. The only complaint was that they could only choose 1 track! Additionally, there were general sessions on Powerful Relationships, Marriage and Family, Discovering Your Purpose, Empowering Your Mission and more. This conference was like a mini Bible College packed into one week. A big thank you to our speaking team: Dr Les Brickman, Anthony Gitonga, Pastor Wa, Pastor James Okumu, April Hawkins, Lyndle Savage, Joel & Pauline Chola, and Travis & Lori Matheny.

We ended June with several amazing days. We had full day devoted to refreshing and building up our CMM staff. We were able to visit Joy Divine Home for Boys and bless them with a brand new refrigerator! And we were there to preach the dedication service as a local church opened a new building ~ wow, what a month!
Thank you so much for the prayers and support you send to Mission Barnabas – the part you play makes it all possible, and we are so grateful!