Marriage Conference Testimonies

  • “The best part is now I have seen my husband’s love for me; holding my hands, looking into my eyes; praying for me. I love this. I hope and pray that this is not a dream and if it’s a dream then I don’t want to wake up from it.” “ Eunice B.
  • “ I have been involved with couples’ fellowships and seminars but until I came to this couple’s conference, I did not realize that I knew nothing or very little. This conference indeed was more than an ‘eye opener’. It was realistic, practical and equally spiritual.” Ronnie, you are indeed a Papa and I greatly appreciate you. Mama (Mrs. Ron) is rarely at the pulpit but her imprint, no doubt, hers played a “back bone” or pillar role of making the conference great.”.
  •  “I have received these teachings with my whole heart: I asked forgiveness to God and to my wife because I have lost my first love and commitment in many ways. I have faith and hope that from tomorrow we will begin the marriage with Christian joy and faithfulness. The Lord has blessed us so much. He will help to get a good marriage testimony for members of our mission field in Baringo. The Lord is able to anoint us in ways to teach what we are living in our marriage.”Pastor M. Snaga
  •  “I had a problem in balancing between ministry and family but from today I have realized that from God, second is the family and the church is third from the line. So in this regard when I am anointed in my family the ministry will also be very powerful and other families in the church will also receive great blessing through my family.” Ap. S. Muthaura
  • “The conference has been a healing medicine for our families, church members and the body of Christ, especially in Africa.” J. Muthulda
  • “This conference was divinely prepared for me to save our marriage and make me effective in the ministry. I feel like I am recovering from a surgery and whatever was the problem has been dealt with in all sermons. I completely am ready to apply what I have been taught, honoring my husband with my mouth and character, blessing him, being submissive, protecting our marriage. I saw all where I was wrong and have been healed. I feel cleansed in mind and heart. Rachel Mbuli
  • “ This marriage conference has come at the right time in my life because last week I had a very explosive argument with my wife which almost led to her calling it quits. Her argument was that she was getting concerned about how I’m getting home late as a result of over busy schedules in the church programmes of which I didn’t want her to interfere. But after attending this seminar, I am now ‘born again’ because I have assured her that I have realized my mistakes.  I have been counseling women alone in my church for the last 10 years and my wife had been very mad about it. Little did I know that she was right and I was wrong.  As Pastor Rene and Vicki said, I have realized that this particular conference was made for me in order to save my marriage.  The greatest gift I have won from CMM is the knowledge and wisdom that has been imparted in my life.” Delegate
  • “God has used this conference to heal and restore my marriage of over 10 years. I have suffered verbal abuse, rejection, unopenness, disunity, etc. At one time my wife had had it..enough..and she was preparing to leave. We had lost hope that things would be alright.However, after attending the marriage conference, God has taught me to cherish my wife as God’s best gift to me. Care and protect her, bless her and my children. Learn how to communicate and above all letting my family be my first ministry priority, number 2 after God. I have learned that my marriage matters to God more than anything else.   Delegate
  • “I wish you to give this secret of the Kingdom to all nations of the world. Africa, Kenya, we are happy we have you and we would have died poor and hopeless but now we have you! Mungu awabariki san asana ninyi na watoto wenu. Amen. Amen (the first person to send me the English for this Swahili will receive a free bag of Kenya AAA coffee).  Judy J.
  • “I have much to say but I am glad that as a young pastor I will be able to raise a generation that will respect family, taking care to their wife/husband/children.”  Delegate