Launch Out into the Deep!

Looking Ahead

If you have been following what has been happening in Kenya over the past few months, you are aware that the country has taken a big step, maybe even a big leap, forward. Since everything has settled from the elections and all of its fallout, the sentiment in the nation has been positively increasing. Businesses are starting to invest, peace is felt almost everywhere and the healing has started to produce a feeling of more health and increased vitality in all areas of life.

With this backdrop in mind, we are extremely excited and hopeful as to what is about to happen within the church and its impact over the next few months and into 2014. We feel a wave rising and we intend to capitalize on how we may touch the leaders to take advantage of this season and move to the next level. God is speaking to ‘launch out into the deep’. We believe that we can help the church change its focus from the past and focus on what God has in store. It’s time to advance, take the cities, establish outreach and missions and no longer stay battened down and ride out storms but arise and take the land.

All signs are pointing to revival and we believe that our upcoming conferences and regional meetings are going to be some of the most powerful yet. We are ready for such a time as this.

Since the pastors are now past the issues that were taking all their attention, we are primed to help them lead the church into a new revival. This week we are bombarding the thousands of leaders we have in our database with what all is happening for them over the next few months. We have included a flyer that goes out this week all over Kenya as well as e-flyers, emails, texts, etc. Look over this flyer and use it to mark times for prayer.

We will also have our new guest housing ready by June and this is another resource that will help us provide better ministry to the pastors as well as provide another source of income to fund CMM. Along with getting ready to host hundreds of pastors in June for an over the top conference, we are also busy making sure the curtains match the bedding in the guest house. All for the sake of the gospel!

We are also adding another leadership conference in October. By the time we meet for the banquet (Nov. 5th), thousands of pastors and leaders will have had their lives and ministries changed and revived and we shall rejoice at what God has done.

It’s time to fasten our seat belts as a fresh wave of anointing and revival is upon us and we want to contain it and advance it. We are sitting at a great intersection of when revival touches hungry leaders and we have resources and ministry ready to encourage, equip and empower (thanks to you). And as usual, when I say we….I mean you and us!


Guest House ready this month!!!!

We are so excited as they are now in the finishing stages of the guest house. I have been involved with building homes and buildings a number of times but I forgot that once the main construction is done, it is the finishing work that requires so many details. I have been so proud to see the walls done and the rooms built out but they also have to be painted, the floors and bathrooms tiled, curtains made and hung, towels, bath mats, the right colors, etc. Thank God for Debbie!!

Can’t wait to take a video of the inside and show everyone what we (you and us) have done. Our first guests will be our executive staff as we spend a night in it and celebrate and critique.