Keep the Faith! May 10, 2012




When I received a raffle ticket on the day of registration knew there were some gift to be won. I told my self that I had to win .On the first day of the result ,my ticket appeared no where but still hoped the next round I would.

The second and the third were done on the same day that’s  on 21stMarch  and still my still ticket didn’t  win. Before the third raffle results were out ,Billy Banks preached on ‘‘Faith is the currency of Heaven”  .At one point he said ” the only thing that separates you (Me) with your blessing is FAITH”

In my heart I said ok then if I apply faith I will get the gift ,whatever it is

Then the third raffle result were out my ticket was not among them but I kept remembering that’s only faith that separates me and my blessing.

On Thursday 22rd March all those who had won were given Bibles and there seemed no more raffle draws were to be done but I hold on to that faith. Then just before lunch Ronnie did another surprise raffle draw .

Ooh I waited for this last moment ,when each time the number were announced ,I wanted with Faith .Three times I would say ooh for missing to win.

Then the last one and know what, it wasn’t my ticket. So I ask myself ”should you hold on to that faith ?” and something in my heart said yes you are not yet out of CMM and Billy talked about Faith, Faith even when the draws are over? Yes that was the answer.

During lunch time an SMS came into my phone to meet Bishop Ronnie at picnic trees and after doing what Ronnie had called us to do ,image what I was given a Bible (my desired blessing) .

Thanks  for bringing such great Men of God

May good luck be your friend in whatever you do