Just Wrapped: June 2013 Pastor's Conference

What a Conference!

Whenever we have communicated to you about the effectiveness of having a leadership conference, it was never more evident than the conference we just finished last week. Here are the numbers: 500 pastors, associate pastors, evangelists, pastor’s wives, etc.

Of those 500 leaders, 147 were senior pastors; 152 were bishops/overseers (a bishop oversees multiple churches).

   Are you sitting down?  

  • Total # of churches represented….1,458
  • Total # of members represented…212,489!!!!!

photo (9)


Other notes of interest; we gave away thousands of Bibles and books; approx. 300 concordances; thousands of pages of notes; book bags; tapes; cd’s, etc. We also gave away 4 brand new motorbikes. That was fun. You can CLICK HERE to watch a short video of us giving away one of the bikes and the pastor and leaders reactions. The pastor you see receiving the bike oversees 10 churches in remote places. Enjoy!

We had delegates from 6 nations and 7 guest speakers from the US.

Thanks so much to Gateway Church, Missionary Ventures, Crossing Boundaries and Fusion Church for their help, ministry and involvement. As we are reading the testimonies from the pastors, we are rejoicing, crying, laughing and knowing the Kingdom of God has been strengthened in many areas of Africa. Watch Facebook for updates over the next week of pictures and testimonies.

Thank You….
There is no way Debbie and I could do this without YOU. We appreciate every gift, prayer, encouraging word. Please remember when we say, I…it is WE!

Ronnie and Debbie