In the Process of Time 4-27-12

Many years ago when my mother was sending out newsletters, one that I loved the most was one that she wrote entitled ‘In the Process of Time’. She described some of her experiences with life in Kenya and how that all things will eventually work out in the process of time.

It was an excellent read and I have never forgotten it and many times I have drawn from it.However, the last few weeks of life in Kenya has given me even greater appreciation of how you must be patient and in time things will come around. 

If you have been following the journey of getting our container to CMM you have known that it has been stuck in S.Africa for several weeks. Well it finally made it to Mombasa but rather than it being cleared in Nairobi, for some reason we had to do it this time in Mombasa.

After 12 containers being cleared in Nairobi where the officials know us, our clearing agent is there, etc. we had to enter all new territory with unfamiliar people. So the drama starts….delays, need more money, computers go down so truck can’t load so more money.

Back and forth with agents, shipping line, trucking, etc…2 weeks worth. But PTL last night the container arrived at CMM and today all is offloaded. 

I have had the thoughts for this blog ready to write for over a week but wanted to wait until I could tell you we had victory. So before I could write, in the process of time, I had to walk out, in the process of time.

Another example was the process for Debbie and I to renew our work permits. They were expiring and in the past it takes a few trips to the right offices and it is done. Not this time. Faustin had to make numerous trips over several days, sent from one office to another.

Then they said they lost our file (usually wording for, we want a bribe). Then being told there is no way we can get this done before we leave for the States, etc. etc. etc. Then Faustin made one final trip and the last lady that needed to approve it was giving all applicants a hard time. She told Faustin no way and Debbie and were to leave in 4 days.

Since we had no visa and now no permit we were in the country illegally. However, Faustin heard the lady speak to someone in his tribal language. So he started talking to her in “their” language. It seemed to make her day….stamp, stamp, stamp and we have our permits….in the process of time…just in time.

Last August we switched phone carriers in Kenya and in doing so we were due a refund from the first carrier. They said it would take about 4 weeks to process. After 6 months I went to the office myself and the manager assured me that within 30 days she would make it happen. After another 3 months Faustin let me know that yesterday he got the refund….in the process of time.

Living in America we become so accustomed to great administration and handling things timely and properly. However life in a third world nation can test your patience, your peace and teach you some lessons at the same time.

We are learning how to adjust and prepare for delays, surprises, detours, bribes, lost files, miracles, etc. We know before any process gets started that it will not be an event but a process.

We have also learned that we are doing what God has called us to do and we are living where God has called us to live, therefore all things will work together and victory will come in the process of time.

We have our work permits, our refunds and the container. Was each issue challenging?…sure, but in the end victory is ours. What will be or is the purpose with the delays and the challenges…I don’t know now but I will…in the process of time!  

Gal. 6;9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.