Halfway There!

I realized the other day the we are just over half way through this mission’s year. I began to go over what all has happened in the first 6 months and then what is happening the last 6 months. I had several responses….exhilaration, excitement, joy, exhaustion, faith and anticipation!

Here is what has happened…..first 6 months….

  • Loaded and shipped a 40 ft. sea container filled with resources
  • Cleared and unloaded the sea container at CMM
  • 4 Regional Meetings….Mombasa, Uganda (2), Nairobi
  • CMM Leadership Conference…March
  • Partnered with NTI for a village transformation project…(regional meeting, preparation to drill water well, feeding outreach)
  • Enlarged the pavilion….can now seat 1,000

Note: Total number of leaders that were touched, encouraged, empowered…over 2700!!

Here is what is on the horizon for the next 6 months….

  • CMM Leadership Conference 2.0….June
  • Regional meetings in Eastern Kenya and Rwanda
  • School of Destiny…(9 day conference at CMM…July)
  • Count Me In…August…(expecting 1,000 youth for 5 days)
  • CMM Leadership Conference….September
  • Mission Barnabas Mission’s Banquet….Nov. 4

It is so difficult to communicate by email, FB, etc. all that we see God doing. Debbie and I are constantly hearing testimonies from the pastors, having our necks hugged by joyful leaders that are so grateful. We see their smiles and appreciation for all the resources they have been given and the training and the hope that is renewed in their hearts. When this happens we both feel that we are receiving all this on your behalf and are your representatives in Africa. We wish so many times that many of you could see their faces and feel the spirit of faith that has been reborn in them.

Between what you do and what we do, as a team we have witnessed 2700 leaders go to the next level these past 6 months. If we stopped the year right here, it would already be very successful. However there are still 6 more months…Hallelujah!  Let’s do it!

Ronnie and Debbie

PS…some of you have asked that we send out a statement of what you pledged and what you have given every 6 months to help you track it.  In lieu of doing that let this be a reminder to check on it.