Guest House Finished!!

On Sunday prior to our summer conference, Debbie and I, Travis and several of our staff moved into the new Guest House. It is hard to try and put in words how wonderful it turned out and how wonderful it was not to travel back and forth into Nairobi every morning and night. It has turned out beyond our expectations.

On Monday and Tuesday morning I got up and fixed a cup of coffee and sat out on the balcony/porch and took it all in. I was overwhelmed. I was sitting in a rocking chair that was my dad’s and looking at Ngong Hills and the country side while worship music was being played (softly) in the pavilion while the pastors were having morning prayer. The music filled the air and for a moment it seemed that my Dad was enjoying it with me and it seemed I even felt Mom’s presence rocking next to me. I was realizing another part of the vision had just been completed and the future is bright for how this house will be such a blessing and in return help so many. I was trying to prepare some things I wanted to share to the pastors but I was steamrolled with emotions. To each and every one of you that had a part in helping us build this house and furnish it, “May God enlarge the borders of your tent and reward you 100 fold for your gifts and sacrifices.” It’s now your turn to sleep here. This is your personal invitation to come and be our guests….at $40.00 a night of course 🙂

Our hope and dream that this addition to our facilities would generate income to help us with many expenses that are increasing is becoming a reality.  We have barely had time to get it ready as a group that is using our center for pastors training wants their speakers (from Europe) to stay in the guest house beginning next week. Then another US group later in July and another US group in August just for starters. Wow, it is happening!

Below is a pictorial tour of the Guest House. Enjoy!


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