God's Special Lady!! 08-16-2012

I wanted to update you about how my mom is doing. She is out of the hospital and in a rehab center (The Harrison Center) and doing so much better.

It will take awhile for her to completely recover and return to her normal lifestyle but she is in an excellent facility to help her do just that.

We have been blessed and amazed once again of how special our mother is to God. He always seems to look out for her and provide special little blessings and touches for her. Here are a couple of them.


Whenever mom was taken to the hospital and then put into a room, the nurse over her room was a Kenyan. She even spoke a little swahili for mom. Her and her husband are sending money back to Kenya to help build an orphanage.

Then to our surprise, the head nurse over the floor mom was on is Rosanne Corgill. She has been to Kenya two times helping with medical outreaches and the pastor’s conferences at CMM.

Then this week she is moved to a brand new rehab center in Keller. After mom is checked in we get the following email from a long time friend of ours:

Hey Debbie and Ronnie!

It sounds like you guys are super busy with the CMM Olympics- all good stuff for sure- God is good!

I wanted to let you know that I am working at The Harrison as a part time receptionist- evenings, 4-8, mon- fri. For several days I knew we were expecting a new patient with the last name of Matheny and I remember thinking to myself ” wouldn’t that be something if it was Ronnie’s mother”.

Our paperwork was showing her as Noma Matheny, so I thought, “no that’s not her”. You can imagine how surprised I was when Marion showed up last night to help get your mom settled in! I was so excited to know that Jewel would be staying with us and in a weird way I took on some ownership of this very special lady ( even though I hardly know her).

I started telling the Directors all about her; I wanted them to know about Noma Matheny, aka Jewel, and the life and ministry she has lived- I wanted them to know this was not just any patient, but a awesome servant of the Lord!! Let me assure you, it is an honor for everyone working there, from the Executive Director on down, to be caring for your mom. She is in a good place and in good hands!

Much love- hope to see you soon!


After just a day at Harrison and they had mom in the beauty shop, up and moving, dressed in her regular clothes and rolling around in a wheelchair. Wow…what a blessing for her.


Thanks to all of you that have prayed and expressed your love and concern. Rejoice with us as mom gets back to good health!


Ronnie and Debbie

(Thanks Monica for all your help and the picture).