God did it again! 03-26-2012

“I came here while I was very hopeless, depressed, discouraged, almost giving up, but the Spirit of God through his servants has touched my life through the sermons. I feel BLESSSED, ENCOURAGED, UPLIFTED, ANNOINTED, EMPOWERED, EDUCATED, ENRICHED AND EDIFIED to continue in my daily walk with Christ.”

Pastor J. Mideva

We have just finished the pastor’s conference with approximately 800 pastors and leaders and once again it is hard to describe all that God did and how He moved. I am reading through the testimonies and once again I cry, laugh and experience all over again the passion and joy of watching God touch and bless so many pastors.

It refreshes in Debbie and I both the reason God sent us here and the impact these conferences are having on changing the church in East Africa.I was somewhat apprehensive of how the pastors would respond due to the fact that the container did not arrive and there were no books.

To my surprise, due to the teachers at this conference the notes they gave the pastors and the power of their teachings, it caused the pastors to temporarily forget about the books as they were so challenged by the teachings.

We copied and gave out thousands of pages of notes and to see how they cherished them was so encouraging. We were able to give out over 200 study Bibles that we purchased here and taught them how to use them.

Once again, seeing the joy on their faces as we handed them out and as they studied was so rewarding.

On the last night, after 4 days of non-stop teaching and receiving so much information, the pastors erupted in praise and worship that was off the charts. After an hour I had to take the mike and basically slow it down so the final message could be preached.

It felt as close to “third heaven” as you can get. I wondered if we were having too much fun to be at church !So once again, God’s word has been multiplied into hundreds of lives which will cause a change in hundreds of churches.

Thank you to all that have helped us in this vision. I so wish you could have been here and seen what happened and the building of the Kingdom of God in His leaders in Africa.

What a week, what a conference and what a divine appointment for 800 leaders whose lives will never be the same!

Here is a 30 second sample of a little bit of heaven: