Give an "unexpected blessing"

I leave for Kenya this Tuesday for the next 3 weeks. We will be in western Kenya for 2 large regional meetings, speaking at the Masaii pastors conference at CMM as well as preparing for 2012 with our staff.

Yesterday I got one of the suitcases out to begin the packing for things we need to take to Kenya. I have a couple of items that I am taking for a couple of friends along with many needed items for the office and ministry there.

While starting the packing process, our staff has so been on my heart. I have this great desire to take something back for each one. The global economic woes have not missed Kenya and prices have been skyrocketing over the past few months. The exchange rate of the shilling to the dollar has jumped to 103/= to one dollar (has been as low as 58/=).

Since Kenya purchases many of it’s commodities with the dollar it has caused prices to rise dramatically. While fuel costs have declined here recently, they are rising there. Some of the everyday food staples for the typical family has doubled. Many are so “squeezed” and dealing with the pain of trying survive.

Due to several factors, we have only been able to give a few raises to our staff and in lieu of raises we find other ways to bless them and opportunities where they can make or receive extra funds.

Today I had a great idea: “Send a blessing to your brothers and sisters at CMM”. I would love to arrive next week and be able to bless our staff with an “unexpected blessing”. Since I am going anyway, I might as well take a blessing with me. You would be surprised at just how much $10.00, $20.00,etc. would do in the purchase of the basic staples, gas, etc.

So here is the plan. Let me know by email, FB, text, phone call, etc. what you would like to give as a “unexpected blessing”. You can give it to a certain person(s) or leave it up to us to decide.

Then send it to Mission Barnabas or go to the website and make a donation and I will bless these great men and women after I arrive. Look at it as “leaving some extra grain” to be gleaned by others. Let’s do it!

Also, I would like to take a couple of Iphones back for a couple of our staff. The more Iphones we can get to our staff makes our communication so much better and cheaper. Maybe you have upgraded and would like to sell your “old Iphone”.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, keep us in mind the next time you do.

Blessings to each of you and be sure to mark you calendars for our upcoming MB banquet, Nov.8.

Ronnie Matheny