for 4 days I ate good and slept well-July 2, 2011

This past week I have been reading through many of the testimonies from the conference we had 2 weeks ago. While reading one from a pastor, near the bottom he made one statement that jumped out at me.

The statement is this:

“I pray that God will continue to bless CMM. The cost of living in Kenya is too high but for 4 days I ate good, slept well and got great books. God bless you forever.”

Pst. J. Mutitu.

Everywhere you look around the globe prices are climbing very rapidly. Kenya has been hit with higher prices over the last year, some things increasing by 33%. (Kenya has the worst inflation in Africa.)

Reading articles in the paper, talking to pastors and just doing our own shopping, the prices of fuel, vegetables, flour, oil, etc. have increased dramatically. It is becoming very challenging for pastors to attend a conference, not because of our costs but because of how expensive it is for them to travel here as well as leave money at home while they are away.

We heard from many of them that they would not be attending the June conference because they were saving up to attend the marriage conference and to bring their spouse plus leave money at home while they are gone would take some extreme budgeting, planning and faith.

However, once they arrive, we treat them like royalty. The accommodations we have are beautiful and wonderful. We feed them so well and they can take hot water showers and sleep on a 6 inch mattress with blankets, sheets and pillows.

When I read a testimony, that for 4 days they ate good and slept well on top of getting good books, I am blessed and encouraged.

How many of us take for granted that for 4 days we have eaten well and slept good. Let’s never lose our gratitude for our daily provisions. Sometimes in the challenges we face in reaching our next goal, we may easily forget just how blessed we are with a roof over our heads, a good bed and plenty to eat.

Can you stop for a moment and thank God that for the last 4 days, you ate good and slept well…and oh yes, you have some great books!