Did you draw a hot bath for your valentine? 2/15/12

For the past 5 days we have been without water in our apartment. Now it is Valentine’s Day and we are tired of sponge baths. The caretaker showed me a possible way to get water into our place for a short period of time if I cared to try it.

What I would have to do is to go into the attic area of our building, climb up on a pipe so I could reach a valve, turn it on, go and fill up tub or washing machine, then go and cut the valve off. When the value is on, water leaks from the tank and you could take a shower in the attic if you wanted due to the leaking.

So on Valentine Day morning we decided to give it a try so Debbie could bathe and we could wash clothes as we were getting desperate. Hallelujah it worked. Up into the attic, climb the pipes, turn the value, get sprayed with water, fill the tub and washing machine, back in the attic, repeat.

One little issue however. When there has been no running water the first few times you run it through the pipes, it cleans out all the rust that has collected and the water comes out a rust/brown color. As far as Debbie knows, it is just iron deposits, which is healthy for the skin (don’t say anything to her please). Anyhow, I drew up a hot bath for my valentine and she was some excited.

So, can you top that for what you did for your valentine yesterday?