CMM Olympics 2012 08-14-2012

Last Sunday I was reviewing all of the events and meetings that we are either in the middle of or we are about to undertake. I then realized that within a 15 day period CMM is about to have our Olympics 2012.

We will be holding 5 regional meetings in 5 different places in 4 different areas of Kenya with the possibility of ministering and helping approximately 2,000+ pastors and leaders.

During this time we are hosting the ‘Count Me In’ youth conference and as of last night we have 1100 youth with several hundred volunteers and team workers.

We are also giving away approximately 40 new Strong’s concordances to new students in a new Bible school as well as 2 medical clinics during 2 of the regional meetings. 

We have guest pastors and teachers here from Texas, Pennsylvania , Germany and Kenya. So many flags are flying here and so many events. 

After 15 days of our CMM Olympic 2012, we will have ministered to thousands of leaders, touched over 1,000 young people, given away resources, held 2 medical clinics and strengthened the church in Kenya.

We will be keeping you posted on the events as they happen and the results of each event. There will be plenty of Gold medals to award along the way. Go Team CMM!

Here are a few details of the events, venues and participants:

 August 9-10...Event…Regional Meeting....Mombasa Kenya.   1 1/2 day regional meeting …special guest…Mark Jobe. We had over 350 in attendance and some came from as far away as the Tanzania border. The place was packed and they so blessed with all the teaching…..Gold Medal awarded to Pastor Mark Jobe.

August 13-27...Event…’Count Me In’  youth conference at CMM Nairobi.  Just started last night…approximately 1100 youth with over 250 volunteers and team workers. First night Pastor Chola spoke and 130 kids received Christ…..Gold Medal awarded to Chris White, his team and Pastor Chola.

August 16...Event…Concordance Training at newly opened Bible School….We will be taking brand new Strong’s Concordances to a new Bible training school that just opened 10 days ago. Each student will receive a concordance and then we will teach them how to use it.   Gold medal to be awarded to Rev. Billy Banks.

August 17-18..Event…Regional Meetings....Kiberia and Makuru, Kenya.  2 regional in 2 different cities on the same 2 days….expecting several hundred pastors and leaders. Gold medal to be awarded to Rick Montgomery and his team.

August 21-22...Event…Regional Meetings...Naivasha and Nakuru, Kenya. 2 regionasl in 2 different cities on the same days. We expect approximately 700+ pastors in these meetings. Gold medasl to be awarded to Pastor John Stanko, Pastor Mark Sturnk and Pastor Philip Barendse.

August 21-22...Event…Medical Clinic.…to be held by 2 doctors of 2 of the pastors speaking at the regional meetings. While the pastors are being trained, those who are sick in the nearby churches will be able to see a doctor. Several medals to be awarded here. Gold medal to be awarded to Menke Barendse and Astrid Sturnk.

Still in medal contention…..Victor Matoke, Sam Karanja, Faustin Malu, Pauline Chola!

Rejoice with us as the good news keeps coming!


Ronnie and Debbie