CMM 2.0 Blasts Off!


Our First Ever CMM2.0 Conference Was a HUGE Success Last Week in Nairobi!

One of the things that we have discovered at Mission Barnabas is the need for a “next level” pastor’s conference at CMM.  We have always seen amazing, life-changing testimonies from our conferences over the years but we also have learned that many pastors are ready for more.  So this year we set out to create a conference that targeted pastors asking for more in-depth training and resources – and what happened was truly incredible!  Over 400 pastors came to CMM last week for CMM2.0: Exponential!  Most of the pastors in attendance already have a base level of understanding of church leadership and spiritual doctrine and so we were able to really take the teaching, ministry and resources to the next level. We had an amazing Conference Speaking team including Pastor Mike Ewoldt, Pastor Anthony McCullum, Pastor Joel Chola, Anthony Gitonga, Joshua Miller and Travis Matheny.  God showed up big-time!

This conference featured English only sessions, 3 different course tracks for Senior Pastors, Church Leaders and Worship Leaders, and we unveiled the CMM Online Resource Library. The online resource library is a huge collection of Bible study resources, CMM session notes, leadership training tools, sermon audios and much more that we created on the website.  After surveying the pastors in attendance we discovered that only 4 of them did not have access to internet (all of which we loaded with all the books they could carry.) Now, less than one week after the conference, almost half of the pastors have already logged in to the library and started using the resources there.

What we are finding out is that for many pastors a smart-phone is the most valuable resource that they can have because they can gain affordable access to the web and use the online resource library to access hundreds of study tools that they have only dreamed of having.   So, if you are upgrading your phone soon keep us in mind.  An older, but functional, web-enabled smart phone can literally change the life of a pastor in Africa (especially from AT&T or T-Mobile networks!)  And . . . they are much less heavy to ship than a concordance!

Enjoy the images and testimonies below and thank you so much for making this possible – 400 pastors will never be the same!



MB Banquet in 3 Weeks!

Our 10 Year Anniversary Banquet is November 5th.

We will be having an amAzing evening of celebration, music, food, silent auction, surprise guests and more!

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CMM 2.0 Testimonies:

‘I have been saved for the past 32 yrs and am now 43 yrs but never heard or seen what i have encountered this week.” Pastor

“Surely 2.0 was a meeting that will remain in my life greatly . . . God bless CMM and hope to be there 2014  – what a training!” Robert K.

“I truly confess that this time round the pastors and leaders conference was the most wonderful than all that I ever attended.” Benjamin M