Changing the Nation One Marriage at a Time!

There are several ways that we gauge how effective a conference has been and one of those ways is the testimonies written at the end of a conference. I have just finished reading the testimonies from our marriage conference last week and according to these we had a tremendously powerful and healing conference. I can’t really describe what all happens during the 5 days of the conference. Writing these updates is always difficult as I try to describe something that has had such a profound effect on leaders. What you see happening through the power of the Spirit as they change right before your eyes is challenging to communicate. Ok, it can’t be done; only attempted.

As I have been reading I wept, laughed, rejoiced and shouted praise that 112 couples marriages will never be the same and that greater ministry is about to happen in their churches due to healing in their marriages. I was also so encouraged at the number of pastors and wives that are planning on returning to their areas, churches and families to start teaching the truths they just learned this past week. They stated that they want to change the next generation of Christians and family members by sharing with them the principles they learned on how to love their spouses and lead their homes and families. They want to rise above cultural traditions and move into a new way of living and loving. (This is why we are here.)

Many of the testimonies stated that they were at the end of their marriage and were planning to separate, divorce or quit. However, everyone that stated that also said that now they had been renewed, restored and it was like starting over and going on a honeymoon.

Many thanks to the Living Word Church of Houma, La., along with Stan and Christi Messinger that poured so much ministry, teaching, gifts and love all week into these precious couples. All the couples were blessed with so many gifts that Living Word sent over on the container as well as carried in their suitcases….perfume, jewelry, ties, flashlights, make up, sweat shirts, music, gift bags, etc.

Below we have made available many of the testimonies from this amazing week. Read however many of them you want to. You will see from them how effective your investment has been and will be. We could not have done this without you making it possible for us to live here, organize, promote, teach and pour our lives into these men and women of God. We do not take it for granted that we get to build the Kingdom here because of your support there!

Click HERE to read testimonies from last week’s marriage conference.  WARNING: Read at your own emotional risk!