Bring on 2014!

From America with love –

On Saturday, Jan. 11, a large group of volunteers graciously and fervently helped us load, pack and send a 40 ft. sea container filled with resources and blessings to Africa! It contains approximately 15,000 Bibles, books and literature, 600 concordances, computers, sound equipment, over 100 cots, shoes, kitchen equipment, guitars, etc. Many pastors and leaders are about to be blessed along with CMM which is receiving some much needed equipment. Thanks to all you that helped us with this enormous task and those that have given most of what is being shipped over. Please believe with us that it will arrive before our next conference.

Another building project has started –

We have decided to enlarge the pavilion at CMM as well as wall in 3 sides. It will almost double the seating capacity and make it much more comfortable especially in the “winter” season. The contractor says we will be able to have our March conference in our new pavilion. Wow! The pastors are in for a great surprise when they arrive.

Let’s do it again in 2014 –

As you can tell from what is written above we are off and running for another year of taking it to the next level in 2014. Debbie and I leave in about a week to return and before the conference in March we will be doing 2 large regional meetings. The first one will be on the south coast region of Mombasa and the other one will be a 2 day mini-conference in Kampala, Uganda. Both of these regions have been begging us for quiet some time and preparations are in full swing for 2 great meetings. The ministry over the next 2-3 months should encompass several thousand leaders along with enlarging the pavilion and clearing the sea container.

Then comes the March conference –

The expectation for this conference will be through the roof after we have had 2 large regional meetings, an enlarged pavilion and the fact that it has been 6 months since we have held a conference. Then you add to that, Pastor Steve Fish, Dr. John Stanko, Pastor Travis Matheny, Evangelist Billy Banks, Dee Levens (teacher) and Ronnie Matheny….. then that place will be on fire and exploding. Then there is the rest of the year….June 2.0 conference, regional meeting in Tanzania, July School of Destiny, August Count Me In, September Leadership Conference, Nov. 4th Mission Barnabas Banquet.

Bring on 2014! Ronnie & Debbie

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