Introducing Africa Theological Seminary at CMLTI!

The mantra of CMLTI is to Touch the leader, change the church: Touch the church, change the nation.

The mission is to encourage, equip and empower leaders. It accomplishes this through conferences, regional meetings, summits, special seminars and importing resources to place in the leaders hands.

The vision has now developed to include theological training for pastors in ministry. A full partnership has been developed that has enabled CMLTI to host a campus of the Africa Theological Seminary based in Kitale, offering fully accredited degrees, diplomas and certificates.

ATS is registered as a post-secondary institution of learning by Kenya governments Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. Most ATS study programs have been accredited by the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA).

Here are the Details You Need to Know!


1) Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Theology  = 128 credit hours

2) Diploma in Bible and Theology = 64 credit hours  

3) Certificate in Christian Ministry = 32 credit hours

  • 25,000/+ per semester
  • 300/4 year BTH Degree
  • 150,000/= 2 year Dip in Bible and Theology
  • 75,000/= 1 year Certificate Course

*Non-refundable application fee of kasha 1,500



Applicant must be at least:

> 25 years of age for the degree program

> 22 years of age for the diploma

> 3 years experience in ministry


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