What African Pastors Say After a CMM Conference

Before we begin…

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Another awesome conference….

We just recently finished another leadership conference at CMM. Once again several hundred pastors and leaders were blessed, encouraged, healed, equipped and sent out renewed to take their church to the next level. Thanks to several great speakers that gave all they had to such hungry pastors. Thanks Pastor Dwayne Higgason, Pastor Travis Matheny, Dee Levens, Pastor Joel Chola and Pastor Ken Kamau for such great ministry.



I was once again so blessed by having a larger pavilion and all the pastors had plenty of room and no one sat outside. The dining facility that fed all the pastors in record time was so wonderful. CMM’s own bed and breakfast, the Jewel House, was so relaxing and made it possible to teach refreshed. All of this was possible because of such tremendous giving on your part. Blessings to you and your family!

As always, it is best to let the pastors tell you how the conference went:

“At the ends of the earth”

“The conference has been thought provoking, relevant and consistent. The books have been helpful, especially where I have been ministering, “at the ends of the earth”. Books and other resources are rare and scarce, no library or information, no electricity, water, roads or communication, so books are “as good as Gold”.   Jim Makau

“Defied his age”

”The grand old Ronnie stole the show by his humorous and theatrical presentation that defied his age. Pastor Higgason is a teacher in his own right and is ready to listen to questions and answered with ease. Travis Matheny in his typical Texas style taught a very difficult subject and delivered.”  Z. Wahome

“An inch deep”

”Professor MBithi has said that in Africa Christianity is growing a thousand miles wide but an inch deep. This place (CMM) is a solution to Prof. MBitti’s concern.” Pst. S. Luyiga

“Moved thousands of miles”

”I am thankful for the inspiration of the concordance book I received. I believe my ministry has moved thousands of miles with such knowledge imparted. Thank you.” M. Mygangi


Quick Notes:

Yesterday the police in Kenya thwarted a would be attack planned by terrorists on a mall near where we live and shop in Nairobi. I believe that prayers from God’s people caused these plans to be exposed and stopped. Praise God!

Next Tuesday Sam Karanja, our office manager at CMM, goes to the US Embassy to obtain a visa so that he can attend our banquet next month. Please add this to your prayer list for favor!

Many have been concerned about us being in Africa and the Ebola virus. We just returned from Kenya a few days ago and there is no Ebola in Kenya! The safest place for each of us is in the will of God!


Ronnie and Debbie