A Week to Remember – June 9, 2011

We are very excited over what’s about to happen in the next few days. We get to be a part in hosting hundreds of leaders for 5 days of teaching and training and then putting resources into their hands.

We also get to host 6 pastors from America, along with several others accompanying them as they pour into these precious men and women of God great truths and teaching. We get to have “Christmas” all over again as we watch these pastors unwrap brand new concordances, Bibles, dictionaries, etc.

However, one of the most exciting things for Debbie and I along with the blessing of the conference is that an 8 year dream of ours is about to be fulfilled. Our oldest son Travis is bringing his family to Kenya for 2 weeks.

Travis is one of the speakers at this conference and Lori, Madeline and Clara will see what Papa and Nanny do in Africa. Then, it is off on safari for 3 days and experience Madeline and Clara getting to see all the animals. This is the tour that we have wanted to guide for 8 years…our grand kids!  

We have been somewhat giddy the last few days as we prepare for their arrival. Let the fun begin….

This is the week we also are launching our improved and updated web site; Face Book and You Tube venues. Travis has outdone himself on these and I know it will help us keep everyone updated and tuned into what is happening here.


So welcome pastors to CMM…. welcome American guests to Kenya….welcome all of our new Face Book friends…welcome to our “new” web site and then WELCOME Travis, Lori, Madeline and Clara to our home in Africa! Next up:  Troy, Becca, Morgan and Chase!


Also, just heard that Kentucky Fried Chicken is coming to Nairobi soon…welcome KFC!  The way this week is shaping up, don’t be surprised if the Mavs win it all!