A Bible in your own language!!

On numerous occasions over the past 8 years we have watched pastors become overwhelmed with excitement and joy as we bless them with Bibles, books and resources.

We have shared many times with many of you pictures and videos that all seem to look the same….pastors waving their new Bibles or concordances and shouting thank you, singing, dancing, etc.

Last week was another one of those occasions. Due to funds provided by Gateway Church,  we were able to purchase study Bibles as well as Bibles in the Masaii language and we blessed over 200 Masaii pastors as they attended a conference at CMM.

We made a video to thank those who provided the funds and I thought you might like to witness another occasion of pastors being so blessed with such needed resources.

As I watched them shout and praise God for His provisions to them, I thought, ‘This never gets old’. WARNING…you will see more of this next year and the year after that, etc. Thank you in advance for helping us do this again to thousands more in the future.

You can be assured of one thing….His Word will not return void!