800+ Pastors at Conference!

This is hard to do….trying to describe all that happened in the pastor’s conference at CMM last week. Over 800 pastors and leaders from Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Congo and South Sudan attended. Once the dormitory was full, the pastors slept in the classrooms and after that the only place left to sleep was under a tent on a cot. When we told them we were full and the only thing left was a tent and a cot, not one pastor declined. So we had approximately 120 pastors on cots under tents.

So what should I attempt to describe to you from last week?  Maybe the easiest way would be to list some of the week’s highlights and you choose. Such as…

  • On Wednesday night when the praise team starting singing a popular song from Rwanda their delegation came on the stage and said we were singing it wrong and they took over the praise service…the pavilion went in orbit…what a moment!
  • Then the Ugandans had to come up and praise Ugandan style…more of the same
  • Then the Tanzanians would not be outdone and filled the stage with glorious praise and dance
  • The joy on hundreds of faces when we told them that each of them would be receiving a cd with 676sermons typed out and ready for them to use to read, study and preach
  • The smiles on the faces of 120 pastors (those staying in the tents) when given flash drives (CMLTI scripted on the drives) filled with Bible resource material…
  • The fun to toss flash drives into the congregation and the pastors try and catch one
  • The look on one pastor’s face that had found an envelope with money in it and turned it into the office and then later we called him up on the platform to highlight what he had done and then gave him a desktop computer for his honesty
  • Every person being able to see and read the video screens from anywhere in the building due to having walls up that make it dark enough for video teaching during the day
  • Being able to seat every pastor on a concrete floor, in the well lit pavilion without no one having to sit under a dimly lit tent on grass or in the sun
  • Being the one that gets to tell 58 unsuspecting delegates that they have been sponsored for this conference by some of their brothers and sisters in America and then hand them back their registration money….their response…priceless!
  • The fun of having a piano “playoff” with Pastor Steve Fish
  • Walking to your room for the night after the evening service and it takes less than 5 minutes, no traffic and a great mattress, American toilet and great morning coffee in the Jewell House!

I must also thank a great line up of teachers and preachers that totally took the pastors to a new level:  Steve Fish, Paul and Teresa Kohler, Dee Levens, Travis Matheny, Rick Montgomery, Billy Bank and Dr. John Stanko. The teaching and ministry from these speakers has helped changed many leaders and therefore will change the church.

Many pastors have already paid their deposit for June and so we pass the baton to the next conference with a shout of triumph from hundreds of pastors and a heartfelt thank you to many of you that helped make all this possible.

~ Ronnie and Debbie