$10,000 in Books Given to Mission Barnabas!

As most of your are aware, there is a lady in Bedford, Texas, that collects, buys, shops stores and garage sales to find books and Bibles for the pastors. She has become known as the ‘Bible Lady’.

Then she boxes all of them up and separates them into certain categories for us to distribute to the pastors here in East Africa. Her name is Barbara Borre and we could not do what we do for the pastors without her hard work and dedication. Barbara does this all year long. When we are ready to load the container she will have anywhere from 200-300 boxes of books all ready for the manifest and to ship.cliff and ronnie

I wanted to share an email that I got from her recently“I went to Mardels on the first of Sept as usual,  I only found one $5 book I could use.  Cliff, the manager, motioned for me follow him up to the front of the store and said he had something to give to me.  I was amazed to see 20 or 30 boxes of books with a sign on them saying “books for African pastors”.  I was totally speechless for a few minutes.  I finally asked him how many I could have and he said “all of them”.  I hope I thanked him for I was just overwhelmed…

There were 570 small hardback Holman  iLLUSTRATED  bIBLE hANDBOOKS PRICED AT $17.99 WHICH COMES OUT TO $10,260.”


WOW….what a blessing this will be to have so many of the same type of study books. Many times we want to bless the pastors at the regional meetings with resources but it is difficult to have Bibles or books just alike. This will be fantastic.

Thanks Barbara and Mardel for thinking of these African pastors and may both of you experience many blessings in all you set your hands to do.

hollmanI went to Mardel’s to thank Cliff Attaway (the manager) and he said that they put small signs at the registers asking people to donate money to purchase books for Africa pastors and this was the result…another WOW. Thanks Cliff and Mardels.

Resources ready by December

This year we are planning on shipping the container in December. If you have books, Bibles, computers, phones, keyboards, guitars, etc. then we would love to ship them to Africa. We are also needing a professional keyboard for our worship team as well as some nice sofas, chairs and executive desk for several offices.

Please keep us in mind as you run across items that a pastor could put to good use.




Ronnie and Debbie


Next week: the Annual Mission Barnabas Banquet!

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