30 Glorious Days Ahead!

During the next 30 days, we will witness several wonderful and glorious events and developments. The ministry opportunities are enormous. The completion of several projects is happening as well. Please add the next 30 days for CMM and MB to your prayer list and rejoice with us as we send victorious reports.

 Here is what lies ahead:

  • Next week: Feb. 18-19  Regional Meeting in Mombasa (expecting 300 leaders)
  • March 4-5: Regional Meeting in Kampala, Uganda (2 full days)…expecting 600-1,000 leaders
  • March 6: Regional Meeting in Mbale, Uganda
  • March 8: Accelerate Training (For Lay Leaders in Nairobi Area)
  • March 10-13: CMM Leadership Conference  – expecting over 500 pastors on our campus!
  • Projects: Enlarging the pavilion is well under way and is to be finished by the start of the conference…can’t wait!
  • March 1: Container arrives in Mombasa….with favor and a small miracle it may be at CMM by the conference…a great place to pray here.

Please ask God for His blessings on these things when you think of it. This will be one of the most challenging times of the year for making so many things happen but when I look at how many leaders we will have the opportunity to touch in the next 30 days…then ‘Let Ministry Begin’!

Ronnie and Debbie