$25,000.00!!!.A Great Start…11-10–2011

What a night! The Mission Barnabas banquet that we had Tuesday night was “off the charts” as Pastor Chola would say. We had our team from Kenya at the banquet via live video through Skype. They led us in praise and gave a report and shared testimonies of how Mission Barnabas and CMM had impacted their lives.

The message and challenge that God put on my heart for 2012 was to ‘Think Bigger”! God challenged me to lay out the next level for the vision regardless of the costs and needs. So we did.

We challenged everyone that for 2012 we will be having another Leadership Summit (July 19-20), we will build the first floor of the existing foundation for housing for guests as we well as start the preparations to open a Bible School at CMM.

We also need to purchase a new truck for CMM as the one we have now is on it’s last leg.
To get these projects started and to finish them in 2012 we set goals for the funding.

We shared that we needed $23,000.00 that night at the banquet (order the sea container; buy concordances, Bibles, initial costs for Leadership Summit); another $25,000.00 by year’s end and then another $57,000.00 by June 30, 2012.

Yesterday after counting Tuesday’s night giving, just over $25,000.00 was given plus $11,000.00 more on the way!! Wow!! This was $12,000.00 greater than last year’s banquet. Also, during the 24 hours leading up to the banquet, 22 people had to cancel their reservations due to sickness, stomach virus, etc. that is going around here.

However, in spite of the diminished crowd, God moved and we are now on our way.
Next up….the $25,000.00 by year’s end. Stay tuned to watch it happen.
For those you gave Tuesday night, thank you and may God give you increase.

If you were not able to be at the banquet and didn’t have a chance to give, we are still open for business. We are now working on the $25,000.00 by year’s end, so don’t be left out.
God is good; God is able; God is faithful and God loves Mission Barnabas (that’s you!)


PS…If you have not seen the 2011 Video Report be sure tocheck it out: